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1 localhost commented Trackback

Wow...impressive stuff! Congrats on the new job. It's really exciting that Lotus and IBM are putting so many good people behind the User Experience group. Looking forward to hearing more about what goes on behind the scenes! :-) -Chris

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Best of luck Chris! You'll be missed over in the WD arena. I've really enjoyed and appreciated your help and support over the past year.

I hope you keep up this blog. I count on you and Ted for my inside information every week....
Best Regards,

3 localhost commented Permalink

Congrats Chris, I remember writing a bean machine white paper with you as my guide around getting a Notes client to run a java appllet.

ah.. those were the days..

4 localhost commented Trackback

Congratulations! IMHO, perfect job for you, and it will be great to see what you come up with for future versions!

5 localhost commented Permalink


No the question is, will the dynamic duo will be reconducted ? I mean Chris and Maureen Live On Stage In Floridaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ;)

6 localhost commented Permalink

Congratulations Chris!

7 localhost commented Permalink

Congratulations and good luck Chris.

8 localhost commented Permalink

Congrats on the new role, Chris.

9 localhost commented Permalink

Congratulations! I actually remember you from my first Lotusphere in the US, which was 1998. (Did go to the European one the year before). Hope to see you next year in Orlando, and I expect some cool stuff from your group. :-)

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