IBM FlashSystem 5000 formerly known as the Storwize V5000E

What IBM FlashSystem 5000 can do for your business

IBM FlashSystem® 5015 and IBM FlashSystem 5035 are all-flash and hybrid flash solutions designed to provide enterprise-grade functionalities without compromising performance while minimizing costs. Built with the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ and AI-powered predictive storage management and proactive support of Storage Insights™. IBM FlashSystem 5000 helps make modern technologies accessible to enterprises of all sizes.

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IBM FlashSystem 5000 Benefits

Affordable without compromise

Enterprise-class function, including cloud-based management and support. Store more data in less space with the latest generation storage media and data reduction technologies.

Increase ROI

Transform IT infrastructure while increasing ROI by leveraging the power of IBM Spectrum Virtualize to extend a rich set of data services across all your storage systems.

Optimize storage efficiency

AI-powered IBM Storage Insights uses predictive analytics to optimize storage use and delivers proactive capabilities to streamline support.

Hybrid cloud enabled

Enable enterprises across public, private and traditional environments. Grow your hybrid cloud with the flexibility to start small and scale up as business demands or client adoption grows.

Protect your most valuable data asset

Benefit from integration with modern data protection tools, cyber resiliency capability such as encryption and cloud "air gap" snapshots, and IBM FlashWatch guarantees for complete peace of mind.

Six 9s availability

With IBM Spectrum Virtualize you can gain the highest levels of availability to support your mission-critical applications.

See how customers achieve success with IBM FlashSystem 5000

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Grupo Zapata

IBM supports Grupo Zapata’s most demanding analytics workloads, helping minimize materials costs and maximize profitability.

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Regional health agency

Unlocking cost-savings and enhance care experiences enabling data-driven decision-making with IBM.

Key Features of the IBM FlashSystem 5000

One single platform

The innovative FlashSystem family is based on a common storage software platform, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, that provides powerful all-flash and hybrid-flash solutions, offering feature-rich, cost effective, enterprise-grade storage solutions. Its industry-leading capabilities include a wide range of data services that can be extended to more than 500 heterogeneous storage systems: automated data movement, synchronous and asynchronous copy services either on-premises or to the public cloud, high availability configurations, storage tiering and data reduction technologies including deduplication, among many others.

Easy to use management tools

Enhance IT productivity with an intuitive and simplified web-based GUI with point-and-click management capabilities. IBM Spectrum Virtualize technologies—including Data Reduction Pools options, Easy Tier and IP replication operate automatically and require little or no customization.

Six 9's availability

Data availability is of crucial importance for business: any downtime causes immediate impact including loss of customer loyalty and financial costs. IBM FlashSystem 5000 with current software deliver six 9s (99.9999%) data availability. These systems include no single point of failure, enterprise proven control software, and ability to perform maintenance concurrently with I/O. In addition, cloud-based IBM Storage Insights detects configuration errors to further improve availability.

AI-driven management and proactive support

Learn more about Storage Insights

IBM Storage Insights can help you better understand trends in storage capacity and performance and expedite resolution when support is required. Storage Insights monitors the health, capacity and performance for IBM block storage and external storage under management on a single pane of glass. Using predictive AI-based analytics, it helps identify potential issues before they become problems. When support is needed, it helps speed resolution by simplifying tickets and automating log uploads.

Capabilities that can be deployed across hybrid cloud

Learn more about IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud

Available on IBM Cloud and AWS, IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud works together with IBM FlashSystem 5000 to deliver consistent data management between on-premises storage and public cloud. Move data and applications between on-premises and public cloud, implement new DevOps strategies, use public cloud for disaster recovery without the cost of a second data center, or improve cyber resiliency with “air gap” cloud snapshots.

Bringing enterprise services to containers

IBM FlashSystem 5000 delivers the performance, data efficiency, protection, and agility your containers deserve. IBM FlashSystem supports Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes container environments, accelerating the deployment of persistent volumes with the IBM block storage CSI driver, certified by Red Hat and IBM. It is the high-performance solution to run the most demanding applications, services and microservices with the agility to form the foundation of your hybrid cloud strategy.

Peace of mind with IBM FlashWatch

Learn more about IBM FlashWatch

In addition to the performance, capacity and scalability benefits, each IBM FlashSystem 5000 deployment includes what IBM calls FlashWatch programs. These comprehensive suite of flash storage guarantees is designed to enhance the end-to-end ownership experience, giving the confidence to purchase, own and upgrade IBM Storage.