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For over a decade, IBM and ServiceNow have driven innovation in the IT service management and workplace services market. With IBM Consulting, our global strategic partnership combines the right people and innovations that help you accelerate time to value, gain full visibility into your operational footprint and humanize your workflow automation experience.


Client success

Learn about several companies who have made significant strides using IBM Consulting services



A communications company in the US reduced its time to notify by 89% and its resolution time by 45%.



A global sustainable energy company gained a 219% ROI in 14 months and reduced fulfillment time by 50%.



A large healthcare company reduces time to hire tickets by 50% and contact center call volumes by 70%.


Discover innovation to ignite your digital strategy with these services.

IT workflows

Modernize ITSM

Deliver resilient services that increase productivity wherever your employees work.


Predict issues before they occur, prevent impact to users and automate remediation and resolution.

IBM Deploy & Manage

Seamlessly embed enterprise risk management and corporate compliance into digital workflows.

CIO Command Center

Create greater value from your initiatives and enable change faster across the enterprise.

Security Ops and vulnerability

Improve your cyber resilience and vulnerability management while speeding response times.

Talent and transformation

Employee experience

Improve productivity by streamlining the employee service experience with unified employee experience portal and intelligent workflows powered by the NOW Platform.

Onboard & Journey 360 

Help employees and managers navigate complex cross-departmental journeys, the “Moments that Matter” with intelligent workflows for employee onboarding, offboarding and other lifecycle events.

Safe-workplace suite

Keep your employees informed and productive with targeted communications and flexible workplace experiences like self-service workspace reservations.

Industry and customer workflows

Banking resilience

Help banks reduce costs through automation, improve quality of service and customer satisfaction, embed risk and compliance controls across workflows, and drive resiliency in operations through visibility and control over underlying assets with IBM’s banking resilience solution.

IBM Telco Order Management

Scale your order management to take on modern opportunities such as 5G and IoT. Create new value streams, accelerate new products to market and provide augmented customer experience with IBM Telco Order Management.

Procurement workflows

Shop fast and spend smart. Deliver a streamlined buying experience by digitizing your processes to empower employees with self-service, unlocks productivity with intelligent procurement workflows and optimize spend with integrated value chain.


Chart your transformation journey with an iterative CreatorGarage offering that powers ideation, accelerates build, and facilitates scaling of innovative ServiceNow solutions.

FinOps with NOW

Increase visibility surrounding cloud costs and make trade-offs to optimize spending with IBM’s FinOps with Now solution. Yield significant cost savings without compromising service delivery.

Platform offerings

Value assessment

Realize the value on investments in various ServiceNow applications by having vision creation, technology roadmap and removing customizations to carve out better adoption based on business needs and elevated experience.

Golden CMDB

Gain greater visibility to enterprise asset and business services to optimize the digital experiences and workflows. The Golden CMDB allows enterprises to lay the foundation for sustainable risk-informed resilient business and technology operations.

NOW Managed Services

Outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating need for all ServiceNow workflows, including the licenses to improve operations and cut expenses.

Platform continuum

Augment the platform capabilities and infuse continual service management in your ServiceNow workflows. The offering leverages a COE-based construct to manage a customer’s ServiceNow instance.


ServiceNow enhances the world

The ServiceNow cloud-based platform and solutions help digitize and unify organizations so they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make workflows operate. This enables employees and customers to be more connected, innovative and agile.

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