Use this form to nominate yourself to become an IBM Champion. If you have not reviewed the criteria and benefits for an IBM Champion, please do so.

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Nominations are open for the 2023 class of IBM Champions through 27 November 2022. Announcements will be made in early January 2023.

If you have questions about the IBM Champions program or the nomination form, please contact the IBM Champions program director.

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This email is where the IBM Champion program team will contact you. Business email preferred.
Note: you can change your IBMid at by editing the IBMid field in your profile. You may find interaction with the program easier if your primary email and IBM ID match.
You may select more than one business/technology area. Please note that you should have expertise in one or more IBM products, services, or technology offerings in the area(s) you choose.

Those interested in the Developer area should have expertise either in an IBM product or in a technology or open-source project where IBM is invested. If you select Partner Ecosystem, you should be an IBM Business Partner and IBM PartnerWorld member.

If you are not certain what area to select, may help you find where IBM categorizes your product(s).

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Please keep an eye on for updates and news. If you have questions or comments about the nomination process or the IBM Champions Program, please contact Global IBM Champions Program Director Libby Ingrassia .