Save USD 1,000

Get USD 1,000 in credits to use toward any of your new VPC resources — including all compute, network and storage components.


Compute, storage, networking and security with IBM Cloud® Virtual Server for VPC

IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC offers fast-provisioning compute capacity with the highest networking speeds and most secure, software-defined networking resources available on the IBM Cloud. Deploying IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC gives you instant access to all infrastructure-as-a-service resources inside the IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Choose dedicated hosts or multi-tenant virtual server profiles with the core and RAM configuration that’s best for your workload. Your instance storage is allocated and attached at the time of provisioning. You also get fine-grained control over your virtual network and security resources for greater scaling and traffic regulation.

Compute features

Multi-tenant profiles

Balanced profiles

Ideal for midsize databases and common cloud applications with moderate traffic.

Compute profiles

Ideal for CPU-intensive demands with moderate to high web traffic, such as production batch processing and front-end web servers.

Memory profiles

Ideal for RAM-intensive demands, such as large memory caching, in-memory analytics workloads and intensive database applications.

Very High Memory profiles

Ideal for running high compute in-memory workloads such as SAP BW/4 HANA. These profiles offer a core-to-RAM ratio of 1 vCPU to 14 GB RAM.

Ultra-High Memory profiles

Ideal for in-memory OLTP databases such as SAP. These profiles offer the highest vCPU-to-memory ratios available with 1 vCPU to 28 GB of RAM.

GPU profiles

Ideal for accelerating AI, HPC, data science and graphics-intensive workloads, featuring on-demand access to NVIDIA v100 GPUs.

Storage-optimized profiles

Ideal for transaction-intensive workloads — such as relational and NoSQL databases, distributed file systems, search engines and data warehousing.

Single-tenant dedicated hosts

Easy setup

Use the IBM Cloud console, CLI or API. Everything is fully integrated into your IBM Cloud VPC environment.

Granular access

Assign specific resources and policies to specific users based on required roles.

Organized control

Create dedicated host groups for distinct functions. This is ideal if you have multiple business units and want to separate the physical compute infrastructure used by each unit.

Intel Xeon technology

High per-core performance

Advanced and balanced microarchitecture designed for scalability of data-intensive workloads across compute, storage and network usages.

Faster time to value

Designed for data center modernization to drive operational efficiencies for improved total cost of ownership.

Diverse HPC workloads

Designed to help maximize vector floating point performance and efficiency with higher performance and fewer servers.

Storage features

IBM Cloud® Block Storage

IOPS options

When you provision block storage for secondary volumes, you can quickly choose from predefined lOPS tiers or customize and define your own volume capacity and IOPS level.

High availability

Your block storage is stored redundantly across multiple, physical disks in an availability zone to prevent data loss due to failure of any singe component.


You can choose how to protect your data — either by using your own root keys or IBM-managed encryption.

IBM Cloud® File Storage

IOPS options

Quickly choose from predefined lOPS tiers, or customize and define your own capacity and IOPS level.

Zonal file shares

File shares are created in an availability zone within a region and can be shared with multiple virtual server instances within the same zone across multiple VPCs.


By default, fire share data are encrypted at rest with IBM-managed encryption.

Networking features

The VPC network

Network orchestration

An isolated, network orchestration layer eliminates the pod boundary of virtual server instances, creating highly scalable capacity.

Multizone regions

Create multiple virtual private clouds in multizone regions available globally where, when and how you need your data distributed the most.


Your subnets are contained within a single zone and do not span multiple zones. This helps improve your security, reduces latency and enables higher availability.


IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated

Provision low-latency, high-throughput connections between your IBM Cloud VPC network and your service provider-managed WAN, or a client-managed backbone.

IBM Cloud VPN for VPC

Securely connect your IBM Cloud VPC network to another private network with an IPsec site-to-site tunnel.

IBM Cloud Load Balancers for VPC

With IBM Cloud load balancers, you can distribute incoming traffic and provide protection against failure of an individual application server or public network.

IBM Cloud Transit Gateway

Get private interconnectivity between global IBM Cloud data centers with single or multiple central hubs for easy provisioning and management.

IBM Cloud Client VPN for VPC

Provides an open-source compatible client-to-site VPN solution that allows users to connect to IBM Cloud resources through secure, encrypted connections. 

External connectivity

Public gateway

Enable a subnet and all attached virtual server instances to connect to the internet.

Floating IP

Reserve an IP address from a pool provided by IBM Cloud and associate it with your network interface.


Your subnets are contained within a single zone and do not span multiple zones. This helps improve your security, reduces latency and enables higher availability.

Security features

Controlling traffic

Security groups

Let a virtual firewall control your traffic across one or more of your virtual server instances.

Access control lists

Easily manage your inbound and outbound traffic for a subnet. Edit rules and explicitly customize based on source IP, source port, destination IP, destination port and protocol.

End-to-end encryption

Attach floating IPs to your virtual server instances for client-to-server encryption.

Protected storage


Protect your block storage data by bringing and using your own root keys when you create a standalone or virtual server instance data volume.

IBM-managed encryption

All storage options for your virtual server environments on IBM Cloud VPC have default IBM-managed encryption.

On-disk encryption

The physical disks used for your default virtual server instance storage are automatically self-encrypting with the strong AES-256 encryption standard.