What is IBM Cloud Storage?

IBM Cloud™ Storage, with its inherent scalability and flexibility, is designed to support traditional and cloud-native workloads. IBM Cloud Storage lets you adjust your capacity and optimize performance as your requirements change, paying only for what you need.

IBM Cloud Storage is easy to provision, deploy and access, removing the headaches that often come when managing large amounts of disparate types of storage locally. Select from object, file and block storage services, as well as cloud data migration options.

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Choose storage to meet your needs

Choose object storage, block storage or file storage services that are scalable, configurable and available on demand

Store and process block data on persistent volumes

  • Low latency, high throughput
  • Customizable storage capacity and IOPS
  • Enterprise-grade durability

Persistent, fast, flexible network-attached, NFS-based file storage

  • Customizable storage capacity and IOPS
  • Durable and resilient with at-rest data encryption, volume duplication, snapshots and replication
  • Flexibility of hourly or monthly billing

Massively scalable economical object storage for unstructured data

  • API (S3) storage with global reach
  • Tiered storage options
  • Advanced scalability, availability and durability

Archive data in durable, low-cost storage

  • Simple API for transition lifecycle and restores
  • Seamless integration with storage tiers
  • Data encrypted automatically at rest

Moving data to and from IBM Cloud Storage

  • Transfer data over global IP network or a dedicated link
  • Use a physical storage device to more securely move large data sets
  • Lift and shift individual or multiple protocol environments
  • Continuously stream data from multiple sources

Find the right cloud storage solution:

If you need Consider
Persistent cloud storage for relational databases, data warehousing, and enterprise applications such as SAP. IBM Cloud Block Storage
A simple, scalable, elastic file system for NFS-based workloads in the cloud, including VMware environments. IBM Cloud File Storage
A scalable, durable, secure platform for unstructured data. IBM Cloud Object Storage
Highly affordable long-term storage that can replace tape for archive and regulatory compliance, and storage for deep archive for cold data. IBM Cloud Object Storage
A low-latency backup system for enterprise applications running in IBM Cloud for which you need quick recovery. IBM Cloud Block Storage
Data protection, backup and restore between on-premises systems and IBM Cloud, with integration with IBM and third-party products IBM Cloud Object Storage
Scalable, low-cost persistent storage for big data analytics, HDFS clusters, AI training models, and IoT pipelines. IBM Cloud Object Storage
Storage for cloud-native applications such as web and mobile apps that require compute runtimes, microservices, or S3 API. IBM Cloud Object Storage
File services and collaboration in the cloud, or a way to securely share files in the cloud, with integration with IBM and third-party products. IBM Cloud Object Storage
An alternative to transferring data over-the-network, using physical devices to quickly, securely, and affordably transfer large amounts of data to IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration
A high-speed, integrated and secure method to transfer large amounts of data to IBM Cloud Storage over the network. IBM Cloud Object Storage Aspera


Block storage versus file storage

IBM Cloud Block Storage is persistent and high-performing. It works with block storage-based and enterprise applications, and ensures availability and protects data during maintenance events and unplanned failures.

NFS-based IBM Cloud File Storage is scalable and backed by flash. This service is designed for use with IBM Cloud virtual machines, bare metal services and VMware solutions.

Both solutions offer tiered Endurance and customizable Performance provisioning.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage is a scalable, durable and cost-effective solution that helps archive and back up application data. It’s easily accessed and delivers persistent storage for analytics.

This IBM offering features flexible storage tiers and low-cost, long-term storage that can help you meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Data is encrypted by default. Cloud Object Storage is designed to be easily managed, supports unchangeable storage for electronic records retention, and helps keep data highly durable.

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