Cloud storage resources for all your needs

Whether looking for stand-alone or secondary storage for a server, an out-of-the-box storage solution or the components to create your own storage solution, IBM has the cloud storage resources you need.

Global storage icon


Deploy cloud storage in strategic locations around the world. Achieve higher performance and meet data-sovereignty requirements by keeping data close to applications and users.


Scalable cloud storage icon


Scale capacity up or down, on demand, with little or no interruption to your service. Scale from terabytes to petabytes and beyond.

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Select from a broad portfolio of storage technologies — including block, file and object — to suit your workloads. Choose from a range of deployment options — including on premises, cloud and managed by IBM.

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Deploy and manage storage capabilities quickly and easily from a web-based graphical user interface, a web portal or through expansive APIs.

Cloud storage: a complete guide

Explore our in-depth resource to determine which storage solution is right for you.

Choose your storage product

Choose from robust and durable object, block and file storage services.

Object storage

Organize, store, manage and access a diverse array of objects — audio, emails, images, office documents and video — with a highly scalable and geographically-dispersed storage solution based on S3-compatible interfaces. Capitalize on flexible pricing and get the capacity you need, when and where you need it.

Block storage

Exercise complete control over persistent storage using iSCSI-based block storage with up to 12 TB of capacity. Customize the storage environment to suit your workloads. Choose Endurance block storage with snapshot and replication capabilities or Performance block storage with up to 6,000 allocated IOPS per volume.

File storage

Upgrade your file storage with a high-performance, feature-rich, NFS-based solution. With file-share capacities available up to 12 TB, IBM Cloud™ file storage can be provisioned with snapshot and replication support or with unparalleled IOPS allocations to meet the performance needs of even the most demanding workloads.

Mass data migration

Transfer data faster, simpler and more securely to the IBM Cloud. Accelerate moving data to the cloud and overcome common data migration challenges using large-capacity portable storage devices.

Cloud backup

Expand your infrastructure footprint with a full-featured, automated, agent-based backup and recovery system managed through the IBM Cloud Backup WebCC browser utility. Using multivault technologies, you can securely back up your data between IBM Cloud servers in one or more IBM Cloud data centers, worldwide.