What are IBM Cloud Starter Kits?

IBM Cloud™ Starter Kits help you dynamically generate cloud-native applications combining a runtime, secure frameworks, use cases, deployment files and other cloud services such as AI, mobile and financial services — all based on industry best practices.

IBM Cloud Starter Kit benefits

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Utilize dynamic generation of code for best-practice architectural patterns and use cases.

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Work with a simplified configuration of dependencies, credentials and certificates.

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Seamlessly integrate additional IBM Cloud Services with applications.

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Rapidly deploy to a Kubernetes cluster or Cloud Foundry by way of a DevOps pipeline.

What can you build with an IBM Cloud Starter Kit?

Web app

Mobile app


Back end for Front end

Jump start your app production with an IBM Cloud Starter Kit

With a wide variety of IBM Cloud starter kits, there’s nothing preventing you from slamming your app production into hyperdrive.

Popular IBM Cloud Starter Kits

Custom Vision Model for Core ML with Watson™

Create Apple Core ML Models using the IBM Watson® Visual Recognition service to process and tag images locally.

Watson Assistant Basic

A simple application that demonstrates the Watson Assistant service in a chat interface simulating a car dashboard.

Express.js Basic

A starter that provides a basic web-serving application in Node.js, using the Express.js framework.

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