What is IBM Rational Test?

IBM® Rational® Test is a collection of continuous testing offerings for automated test creation, execution and analysis. Automated testing helps organizations assess the current state of software to make informed decisions about when to release. Business success depends on the quality of the software that runs the business. It's one solution for automated end-to-end testing of software across the broadest set of technology.

  • Achieve continuous automated testing to reduce the cost of rework and maximize speed of delivery
  • Discover and virtualize services and cloud dependencies for early verification of solutions
  • Make the state of quality easy for everyone to access and understand

What Rational Test can help you do

For API testing: Rational Integration Tester. Usage scenarios include system modeling and API validation across on-premises and cloud environments.

For functional testing for modern web applications: Rational Functional Tester. Usage scenarios include the recording, editing and running of tests and evaluating test results.

For functional testing for HTML, Java, Windows, .NET, mainframe, Visual Basic, Silverlight, Eclipse, Siebel, Flex, Ajax, Dojo, GEF, and PowerBuilder applications: Rational Functional Tester. Usage scenarios include the recording of test scripts in simple English statements, playing back tests, and improving the tests through verification points and data-driven commands.

For load and scalability testing: Rational Performance Tester. Usage scenarios include creating and recording tests, emulating workloads utilizing IBM Cloud® for scale management, and evaluating results.

For service virtualization: Usage scenarios include virtualizing third-party interfaces and interfaces even before they are available — such as when moving different parts of a solution into cloud — simulating databases, and virtualizing applications.

For web-based testing: Rational Test Automation Server. Web-based continuous testing platform built on modern, cloud-native technologies. Rational Test Automation Server offers a unified platform to run a breadth of tests including API, functional and performance tests and view test results. It runs on Red Hat® OpenShift® and MicroK8s, helping to preserve customers’ existing investments in cloud of on-premises infrastructure.

Key features

  • Breadth of testing: Create and run APIs, functional and performance tests and service virtualization within a well-integrated Rational Test ecosystem. Get support for end-to-end testing across a broad set of technologies.

  • Cloud and on-premises support: Deploy the software either on the cloud or on premises and scale the execution with native Docker support.

  • Support for DevOps pipelines: Integrate continuous testing into your DevOps pipelines. Integrate with popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, IBM UrbanCode® Deploy, UrbanCode Velocity and more.

  • Continuous testing platform: Get a centralized solution to execute API, functional and performance tests, and view the test results.

  • Intelligent self-healing of test cases: Eliminate the need for users to manually fix broken test cases. With application GUIs changing constantly, IBM Rational Test provides users a way to intelligently detect changes and self-heal WebUI test cases.

  • Natural language processing environment: Eliminate the need for scripting knowledge with the natural language processing scripting environment provided by IBM Rational Test.

Rational Test resources

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