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IBM has been named as a leader in software testing capabilities in two separate reports from analyst firms Forrester Research¹ and Gartner².

You need to test smarter

Software testing teams want to test smarter, but how? If you combine test automaton with service virtualization to mimic unavailable systems, testing starts earlier — a “shift left” approach. This means development has time to test more use cases and get immediate feedback. And defects are found and fixed earlier than ever.

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Quality is critical, but so is speed

Rational Test Workbench

Automate software testing at every level: API, user interface (UI) and the overall system.

Rational Test Virtualization Server

Test software earlier by simulating missing components.

Sandhata uses DevOps to cut system integration testing time

The bottom line: service virtualization reduces your cost and accelerates development, and that’s what companies need to stay ahead of their competition.

—Gary Thornhill, Delivery Director, Sandhata Technologies Limited

Australia's largest airline uses IBM DevOps to test continuously

Watch how Qantas Airways transforms application development, testing and service virtualization with DevOps and gains a competitive edge (01:56).


Service Virtualization for Dummies

Find answers to many of your questions:  What is service virtualization?  Where can it add value?  How do I implement it best so I can reap the benefits?

“Continuous testing: An IBM point of view”

Review this quick overview of a smarter approach to preventing testing from being a bottleneck.

10 Myths of Continuous Testing

Application development specialists bust ten myths around continuous testing and share why your team should consider this approach.

Shift left for higher quality at greater speed

Read how to reduce risk and cost while improving the quality of your software with the “shift left” approach to test earlier and more often.

“Ask the Experts” webcast series

Learn from IBM DevOps experts about service virtualization, continuous testing and other hot topics.

Shift left with Maersk

Discover how the Maersk Group uses service virtualization to find defects earlier through automated test and deployment.

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³ADT study: Organizations increasingly look to continuous deployment to recover, July 2016.