Empower business decision-makers with analytics

IBM Decision Optimization Center provides a configurable platform to support business decision-makers such as scientists, developers, analysts, planners and schedulers. It uses powerful analytics to solve tough planning and scheduling challenges, reducing the effort, time and risk associated with tailored, business improvement solutions. Deploy the platform to make smarter decisions and improve ROI by combining data and analytics with cutting-edge optimization technology.


Make practical, shareable decisions

Turn data insights into business action using prescriptive analytics capabilities

Simplify with IBM ILOG CPLEX solvers

Discover fast, highly reliable solutions with IBM enterprise-class optimization

Drive user adoption with modern UI

Quickly enhance application with ready-to-use components and built-in visualization

Reduce time and cost to deliver applications

Work with an open, standards-based architecture and easily map databases into application data tables

Deploy anywhere

Move quickly from proof-of-concept to production, on the cloud or on premises with multiple deployment options

Use profile-based role management

Manage access to application functionality based on user profiles

IBM Cloud Hands-on-Lab

Deploy and configure IBM Decision Optimization Center applications on Red Hat OpenShift



Introduction to IBM Decision Optimization Center

Build and deploy analytical decision support applications at speed and scale.

Features of IBM Decision Optimization Center

Explore key features that enable you to create, deploy and maintain scalable decision support applications.

Scheduling application built with Decision Optimization Center

Watch a demo of an aircraft engine maintenance scheduling application using Decision Optimization Center.

Running a business application based on Decision Optimization Center

Start the key services needed to run a Decision Optimization Center Application.


Build Scalable Optimization Solutions

Learn how to build scalable optimization solutions quickly and deploy anywhere efficiently.

Optimization and Decision Support Design Guide

Download an IBM Redbooks® publication about optimization and decision support best practices, architecture, deployment scenarios and more.

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Empower decision-makers with smarter, better decisions