Introducing the latest generation of Db2 Warehouse, optimized for always-on analytics workloads anywhere

Take greater control over your analytics operational costs with a cloud-native data warehouse that meets your price and performance objectives for always-on workloads, provides simple, governed access to all of your data, and enables a singular view of your analytics estate. At IBM, we have aligned our product and business model around this need.

The latest generation of our cloud-native Db2 Warehouse enables the ability to store and analyze governed data across a variety of sources, formats, and analytics environments, while reducing cost, improving performance, and controlling resource consumption at scale. Seamlessly integrate with watsonx.data so that you can optimize and scale all of your analytics and AI workloads across the enterprise.

A different approach to cloud data warehousing
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American University of Cairo: Using data to improve the university experience.

American University of Cairo: Using data to improve the university experience (01:34)

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Scale AI workloads, for all your data, anywhere


Cut storage costs while improving performance

Db2 Warehouse now runs natively on highly resilient, inexpensive cloud object storage. Coupled with advanced caching techniques, now your analytics workloads run faster than previous generations while reducing your storage costs.

Share data responsibly

Export, import and directly query open data formats in your data lake, using a single, governed, cloud-native Db2 engine.

Scale analytics and AI across the enterprise

Db2 Warehouse seamlessly integrates with the watsonx.data data store, built on a data lakehouse architecture service, to provide you with a singular view of your entire analytics estate. Easily shift workloads and run fit-for-purpose engines that best meet your workload and price-performance needs.

Use cases

Real-time analytics

Screenshot of Db2 Warehouse dashboard

Real-time analytics

Empower users that demand low-latency querying and real-time insights with continual data ingest, in-memory processing and in-database analytics.

Machine learning and AI

Screenshot representing idug-connect-notebook coding

Machine learning and AI

Create and predict with high-performance machine learning models inside your data warehouse. Integrate with IBM Watson® Studio for additional ML capabilities.

Reporting and business intelligence

Screenshot representing operations dashboard

Reporting and business intelligence

Build reports and dashboards quickly by seamlessly integrating Db2 with a variety of BI tools including IBM Cognos® Analytics, Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Google Looker and more.

Secure data sharing

Screenshot of Db2 Warehouse shared metadata

Secure data sharing

Grant access and distribute data among users and third parties without data duplication. Integration with watsonx.data’s shared metadata, open table formats, and object storage enables a single copy of data to support multiple analytics and AI requirements.

Reduce costs and improve performance of workloads with the next generation of Db2 Warehouse tech preview


Db2 Warehouse on Cloud details

Fast engine

Columnar-organized, in-memory data warehouse designed for complex analytics and extreme concurrency

Scalable, elastic cloud service

Independent scaling and management of compute and storage

Expertly managed, highly secure

Fully automated cloud service, supported by a world-class IBM DevOps team

Share data via open format

Eliminate data silos by sharing Db2 tables with data lakes and lakehouse engines via open table and data formats (Iceberg, Parquet, AVRO, ORC, CSV, JSON and more)

Highly resilient and reliable

Built-in self-service snapshot backups and geo-replicated disaster recovery backups

Built-in machine learning

Ability to train and run machine learning models directly in the warehouse engine, using SQL, Python or R

Boost revenue with cloud solutions

Stand out from the competition by moving to cloud, multicloud or hybrid cloud with IBM Db2.


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