Reduce costs and improve performance of workloads with the next generation of Db2 Warehouse tech preview

How it’s used

Business analytics

Business analytics

Use Db2 Warehouse on Cloud to aggregate data from across your business. Select the tools of your choice to get a cross-organizational view of your business at all times and make data-driven decisions.

Machine learning and AI

Machine learning and AI

Ingest cloud-born data, such as sensor and clickstream data, into Db2 Warehouse on Cloud in real time to help your teams develop powerful machine learning models and conversational assistants.

Hybrid cloud architecture

Hybrid cloud architecture

Enrich on-premises data with data stored in Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. Localized teams can use dedicated cloud resources to work at their own pace, without consuming on-premises resources.

Retail applications

Retail applications

Aggregate transaction data from multiple point-of-sale systems into Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. Analyze data to generate in-store customer engagement, recommendations and future sales campaigns.

Industrial IoT applications

Industrial IoT applications

Connect your devices to the IBM Watson IoT® Platform and store that device data in Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. Create dashboards for site managers to monitor and manage equipment proactively.


Db2 Warehouse on Cloud details

Fast engine

Columnar-organized, in-memory data warehouse designed for complex analytics and extreme concurrency

Scalable, elastic cloud service

Independent scaling and management of compute and storage

Expertly managed, highly secure

Fully automated cloud service, supported by a world-class IBM DevOps team

On-premises warehouse compatibility

Nearly 100 percent compatible with IBM Netezza® and Oracle workloads

Highly resilient and reliable

Built-in self-service snapshot backups and geo-replicated disaster recovery backups

Built-in machine learning

Ability to train and run machine learning models directly in the warehouse engine, using SQL, Python or R

Boost revenue with cloud solutions

Stand out from the competition by moving to cloud, multicloud or hybrid cloud with IBM Db2.


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