What is IBM Cloud® Databases for Elasticsearch?

IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch combines the flexibility of a full-text search engine with the power of a JSON document database’s indexing. It comes together to create a powerful tool for rich data analysis of large volumes of data, ready-to-power catalogs, autocompletion, log analysis, monitoring, blockchain analysis and more.

How it’s used

Log analysis

Architecture diagram illustrating use of Elasticsearch databases for log analysis

Log analysis

Analyze and visualize logs and machine-generated data from servers, sensors and websites to debug applications and systems.

Full-text search

Architecture diagram illustrating use of Elasticsearch databases for full-text search

Full-text search

Give your website or application the power of search with an industry-leading set of search APIs.


IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch features

Fully managed

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Developers can focus on building applications rather than handling backups, logging, monitoring, scaling, hardware setup and software patching.

Advanced security

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Data is encrypted at rest and in motion, and integration with IBM Key Protect lets you bring your own encryption key for data at rest.

Serverless scaling

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IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch allows you to scale disk and RAM independently to best fit your application requirements.

Open source compatible

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The service is compatible with Elasticsearch APIs, data formats and clients. Applications that already leverage Elasticsearch can use IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch as a drop-in replacement.

Highly available

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The standard configuration includes three data members configured for high availability to provide a 99.99% SLA.

Automation aware

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Get to global scale with integrated, infrastructure-as-code tools, such as IBM Cloud Schematics with Terraform and Red Hat® Ansible® support at no additional charge.

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