What is Compare & Comply?

Watson Compare & Comply extracts data and elements from your contracts and other governing documents to streamline business processes. C&C can analyze a variety of unstructured documents - including programmatic or scanned PDFs, TIFFs, or those including tables - understand important elements and export the output in a structured format. The result is less time spent combing through contracts, fewer errors, lower costs, and increased focus on minimizing risk. Available on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Pak for Data. 


Identify Key Clauses and Compare Complex Documents

Watson C&C helps mitigate risk by identifying and comparing clauses across contracts and templates.

Find Information Inside tables and Verify Facts and Figures

C&C parses tables in context and associates information in cells with row and column headers. The output can be easily integrated into spreadsheets and databases.

Customize models to reflect your priorities

Enhance your solution with custom models. Extensibility features enable users to provide feedback on existing models.

Get Started Now

Be sure to explore the capabilities of Watson Compare & Comply, which makes it possible to rapidly parse governing documents to convert, identify, and classify important elements by using state-of-the-art natural language processing.