Solve Performance Problems Faster with IBM Technology Services’ Application Performance Optimization

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Optimize your applications with Application Performance Engineering.

Modernization can help improve an enterprise’s overall infrastructure, and when an infrastructure is improved, an enterprise can run its applications faster and more accurately with the addition of automation and other best practices. This can save time and costs and enhance a business’s output.

But how do you know if your applications are performing correctly? Have they been configured correctly and are they running each process optimally? How can you determine this at a high level?

IBM Technology Services, formerly Systems Lab Services, offers application performance optimization consulting services that can help you discover application modernization opportunities while keeping your current zSystems and LinuxONE environments finely tuned and prepared for hybrid cloud and other opportunities.

You can also use application performance optimization consulting services as an infrastructure-based health analysis, and our services can be used to improve your overall resiliency for your systems.

What is Application Performance Engineering?

The basis of application performance optimization is Application Performance Engineering, which is the analysis of how business transactions flow from start to finish — which may include a business’s top 20 to 30 applications. As artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have become more common, this necessitates that multiple applications work together within a business process. We view the systems as parts of a whole and investigate how the systems work together to impact the overall performance of an end-to-end business process. Furthermore, we determine things like how safe the overall business process is, whether it can fail and what the traffic is like per transaction.

Where is the problem?

Your overall end-to-end process is often complex and difficult to navigate, particularly when a problem arises. Our team deconstructs and simplifies these processes for you; we figure out where the majority of the processing time and activity is being spent and we perform a root cause analysis to see what exactly is failing. Our approach is accurate and fast, which can save time, effort and overall cost and can resolve the problem for you sooner.

Helping you manage your applications

Application Performance Engineering enables you to better manage your applications without overspending or underspending. As many end-to-end processes have considerable upstream or downstream dependencies, the value of solving problems within any end-to-end process is of considerable importance to any organization, as bottlenecks or performance issues can have a number of significant ramifications, whether these are economic, performance- or reputation-based.

Solving problems for more than 30 years

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in this field, and we hold ourselves to a high-performance standard. We have yet to encounter a problem we cannot solve. This process won two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards, which are internal IBM awards.

If you’re ready to optimize your application’s performance, contact IBM Technology Services to learn more. You can fill out our Contact Us form online or send us an email.

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