New SDK for Node.js Buildpack v3.12

2 min read

The SDK for Node.js buildpack v3.12 provides IBM SDK for Node.js versions 0.12.17, 0.12.18, 4.8.0, 4.8.2, 6.10.0 and 6.10.2.

The default is now changed from the latest 4.x to the latest 6.x, so it is currently 6.10.2. Being a major version change, this could affect apps that are relying on the default. See Node.js version long-term support and the SDK for Node.js buildpack for more information about how to avoid any problems.

In addition to the new runtimes, this release contains a buildpack bug fix for an issue with the App Management Health Center handler and Node.js versions 6.9.5 and 6.10.0.

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