New Bare Metal Servers Available for Kubernetes and OpenShift Clusters

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Worker node flavors with Coffee Lake and Cascade Lake processors as well as NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs are now available.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud have released a new fleet of monthly bare metal flavors for worker nodes. These new flavors feature newer processors than our current flavors and provide options for a variety of use cases, with more cores, more memory, and more capable GPUs than were previously available.

These new flavors run Ubuntu 18 for Kubernetes and RHEL for OpenShift and include single and dual processor options ranging from 4 to 32 cores. The 4-core single processor flavors feature Coffee Lake processors, while the dual processor flavors feature Cascade Lake processors and are available in 20-core and 32-core varieties. Memory ranges from 32 to 768 GB, and some clusters include additional local storage for storing data on software-defined storage with Portworx. Kubernetes clusters can also leverage a GPU flavor that includes two NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU cards.

Deprecation of previous bare metal and all Ubuntu 16 flavors

With the introduction of these new bare metal flavors, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud will deprecate previous bare metal flavors in the coming month. This means that neither new clusters nor new worker pools in existing clusters can be created with the previous bare metal flavors. Existing worker pools that use the previous bare metal flavors will continue to work and can be resized as needed.

In addition, given the December 31, 2021, end-of-support date for Ubuntu 16, virtual and bare metal servers that run Ubuntu 16 will also be deprecated in the coming month. Neither new clusters nor worker pools can be created with worker nodes running Ubuntu 16. Existing worker pools that use Ubuntu 16 servers will continue to work and can be resized as needed, but we encourage you to migrate to newer Ubuntu 18 servers because Ubuntu 16 will no longer receive security updates, effective immediately. Both bare metal and virtual flavors running Ubuntu 18 are already available.

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