How to Optimize your Digital Transformation with the IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator

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Introducing the IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator — a revolutionary cloud acceleration platform.

Large enterprises are at an inflection point — they are faced with the opportunity to be new disruptors or risk being left behind. Organizations that can shift to new market needs and demands, exploit new opportunities rapidly and capitalize on and configure their core competencies are more likely to be the new winners in the market. To be the disruptor, organizations need to accelerate their digital transformation; but first, they must address key impediments.

Key challenges

Most organizations have greenfield and customer-facing applications already running in the cloud. They are now facing the challenge with Chapter 2 modernization — regulated, mission-critical applications, most of which are incompatible with cloud. They need to transform a wide range of mission-critical applications and technologies as they move to the next phase of cloud adoption. 

As organizations get deeper into cloud transformation, they need to do the following:

  • Address the breadth and complexity of their application landscape.
  • Drive DevOps transformation at scale.
  • Enable consistency in the operating model across hybrid multicloud.
  • Develop solutions rapidly with predictable outcomes.
  • Mitigate the shortage of skilled cloud expertise with tools and built-in intelligence.
  • Leverage best practices and content harvested from cloud programs worldwide.

The IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator advantage

What if you could move complex workloads to the cloud with speed and consistency, regardless of what cloud platform or modernization strategy (e.g., lift-and-shift, containerization) you choose? And what if most of this effort could be automated, requiring highly skilled resources only for a fraction of time?

Introducing the IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator — a revolutionary cloud acceleration platform designed to orchestrate a collection of expert rules, tools, technical assets and industry solution starter kits. These are packaged as hybrid cloud journeys to drive rapid planning and low-touch execution with predictable outcomes.

The Cloud Accelerator can help organizations with the following:

  • Address complexity associated with regulated, mission-critical workloads based on IBM’s journey framework and prescriptive guidance for predictable outcome.
  • Support a wide range of applications and landing zones (including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud and Red Hat), enabling both hybrid cloud and platform-native modernizations.
  • Codify expertise within the platform based on IBM’s proven expertise with cloud transformation and harvesting best practices from IBM’s cloud programs executed globally.
  • Orchestrate a guided, “GPS-like experience” by identifying appropriate accelerators from a vast repository of assets and tools across home-grown catalogs and IBM products, open-source and third-party vendors to deliver highly optimized execution outcomes.

Get started

IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator: Finding the right path to hybrid cloud modernization is tricky.

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