Databases for Elasticsearch v7.9 is Now Available

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We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.9 on IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch. 

These deployments of IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch will have the following:

  • A new JVM version and garbage collector with much-improved GC performance. Expect up to 10x lower garbage collection times. 
  • New, improved security and authentication plugin.
  • No restrictions to any Elasticsearch API, such as the task/cancel API.
  • Support for backup and restore from Elasticsearch version 6.x to 7.x, with automatic migration of user credentials.

Databases for Elasticsearch is a highly available, production-ready managed database-as-a-service with a 99.99% SLA across three zones in an IBM Cloud region. It provides automatic backups, security and performance patches, and deep integration with IBM Cloud's monitoring, logging, auditing, and encryption key management technologies. It is SOC 2 Type 2, PCI, ISO - 27001, 27017, and 27018, and HIPAA-ready.

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