Announcing Portworx PX-Backup Service on IBM Cloud

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Building and managing the next generation of enterprise applications on IBM Cloud.

Today, IBM and Portworx by Pure Storage are excited to announce the general availability of Portworx PX-Backup on IBM Cloud, including Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and IBM Cloud Satellite.

With the availability of this service, IBM Cloud users will be able to effortlessly backup and restore Kubernetes applications across any environment. Protection of applications includes data, application configuration and Kubernetes objects with a single click at the Kubernetes Pod, Namespace, or Cluster level. Further, with multi-namespace backup and restore, you can backup and restore multiple namespaces with hundreds of apps in a single click.

With the availability of Portworx Enterprise, Disaster Recovery and now Backup service on IBM Cloud, run mission-critical stateful applications on Kubernetes, OpenShift and Satellite environments with the reliability, availability, performance and security of a traditional enterprise-class storage solution. The cross-cloud data protection, combined with the agility, speed and automation, ensures a positive experience for cloud-native applications in a hybrid cloud environment.

Key use cases

  1. Backup: Backup entire Kubernetes applications — including data, app configuration and Kubernetes objects — in IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud Satellite locations. Ensure data protection with the ability to easily create multiple backup schedule policies and automatically apply them to any Kubernetes application. Further, create and store rules to enable application-consistent backups of distributed databases.
  2. Restore: Restore any Kubernetes application to any Kubernetes cluster in the IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud Satellite locations. This means that you can restore to the same cluster where the application is running or select a different Kubernetes cluster. Further, you can restore to the same namespace that the backup was taken from or select a different namespace to which to restore.
  3. Migrate: Move a single Kubernetes application or an entire namespace between clusters in IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud Satellite locations.

Available on IBM Cloud catalog, PX-Backup allows you to back up and restore applications and their data across multiple clusters from a single UI. Under this principle of multi-tenancy, PX-Backup offers self-service access where authorized users connect through OIDC to create and manage backups for clusters and apps to which they have permissions without needing to go through an administrator.

PX-Backup is compatible with any Kubernetes cluster, including managed and cloud deployments, and does not require Portworx Enterprise to be installed. This is because PX-Backup can backup both stateless and stateful components as well as persistent data using the cloud provider’s storage (native cloud storage support) rather than a Portworx volume. 

Getting started

  1. Log in to IBM Cloud.
  2. Search the Catalog, filtering the Services for Storage capabilities:
    Search the Catalog, filtering the Services for Storage capabilities:
  3. Fill in the necessary details and click Create:
    Fill in the necessary details and click Create:

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