11 IBM Products Lead the Way in the TrustRadius Best Of Summer Awards

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Eleven offerings across the IBM business have secured a placement on the TrustRadius Best of Summer list, and we want to send a huge thank you to our clients for their feedback. 

Software buyers today want transparent pricing, trials and demos without engaging a vendor and unbiased feedback from peers — a self-serve buying journey. Because of this behavior change, IBM now sees peer reviews as a strategic priority. Brands should always be looking for new, enriching interactions to have with clients, and sites like TrustRadius and G2 enable such engagements. Their annual awards provide buyers with useful direction when navigating a peer review platform. 

TrustRadius Best of Summer Awards 

The Summer 2022 Best of Awards showcase Key Insight statistics for Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price and Best Relationship, giving products the opportunity to win three awards in one swoop.

Winning criteria: 

  • Ten new reviews between January 1 and June 30, 2022.
  • Best Relationship looks at Key Insight data for Would Buy Again, Implementation Expectations and Sales and Marketing Promises.
  • To be considered for the Best Value for Price, products will need to have their pricing listed and active.

The winning products

The IBM products below have won awards for all three categories:

A highlight from client feedback: "IBM Process Mining uncovers hidden challenges that slow down the work processes." - Marketing Exec, Retail, 10,001+ employees

The following products won the Best Feature Set and Best Relationship distinctions: 

Proof in the feedback: "It helps to keep organizational data safe and secure by keeping track of real-time data transfers. It also helps to protect our systems from server attacks." - Marketing Executive, Information Technology & Services, 201-500 employees

Last, but certainly not least, are the products winning for Best Relationship and Best Value for Price:

Trust in the feedback: "Data governance and controls are essential and often the key differentiator between Cognos Analytics and desktop tools like Power BI and Tableau for example, which can result in multiple data versions. Cognos Analytics ensure there is one trusted source of data within the organization." - Sales, Professional Training & Coaching, 11-50 employees

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You can read about the TrustRadius rules of engagement here.

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