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Optimizing customer service operations

Wipro, a multinational IT consultancy and business process services company, serves many enterprise customers in the contact center space. It comes across many customers with limited budgets where the sanctioned capacity of contact centers isn’t usually enough to handle incoming call load. This leads to challenges, such as :

  • Long waiting times.
  • Inefficient call routing.
  • Need for additional human agents.
  • Time-consuming processes like generating complaint closure letters and reviewing chat transcripts.

These challenges result in decreased customer satisfaction, increased operational costs and suboptimal utilization of call center resources.

Revolutionizing customer service

Using IBM® watsonx.ai™ technology, Wipro has built several AI-driven customer service accelerators  that can revolutionize customers’ contact service operations. IBM watsonx.ai is an AI and data platform, an all-encompassing generative AI-driven solution. This combination of capabilities addresses common customer service challenges and offers the following key features:

  • Email-based self-service, which allows customers to submit queries by email, with watsonx.ai automating responses to routine questions while escalating more complex issues for human intervention. This results in reduced customer wait times and a lighter call center workload.

  • Intelligent call routing, which enhances call center efficiency by classifying calls based on initial user interactions. Further training can improve the accuracy of call classification, ensuring that calls are routed to the most appropriate queues. This leads to fewer call transfers, resulting in shorter wait times and faster issue resolutions.

  • The virtual agent assistant, which is equipped with knowledge from troubleshooting guides, FAQs and past interactions, streamlining call flows and minimizing the need for human intervention. This reduces wait times, call volumes and the requirement for human agents, ultimately leading to cost savings.

  • Agent assist, which employs generative AI to support human agents in real time by providing responses, analyzing user sentiments and recommending solutions. This elevates agent performance, reduces call handling times and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

  • The complaint closure letters feature, which automates the generation of these letters by summarizing information from various sources. This accelerates the complaint resolution process and generates significant time and cost savings for the organization.

  • Chat summarization, which simplifies the analysis of chat transcripts, reducing call handling times when they get transferred and improving customer satisfaction. It also streamlines post-call assessments for managers.

Overall, the Wipro AI Practice along with watsonx.ai offers a comprehensive solution to optimize customer service, streamline operations and enhance the customer experience while offering significant cost savings for organizations.  The benefits include a

30% reduction in wait times, resulting in higher customer satisfaction 20%–40% of calls are now automated, leading to cost savings and better utilization of resources
Customer Service is directly proportional to customer satisfaction. Watsonx.ai is alchemizing customer service like never before—allowing SMEs to train, validate, tune and deploy generative AI, foundation models and machine learning capabilities with ease and build AI applications in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the data. The Ecosystem Engineering SI Lab team has been instrumental in demonstrating the power of partnerships, yet again, with Wipro. Soumitra Limaye Director Ecosystem Engineering SI Lab
Having delivered many at-scale Watson AI engagements in this area, Wipro has a lot to offer in regard to AI innovation for contact centers. Building on our longstanding partnership with IBM, and in tune with Wipro’s passion to bring the best in generative AI innovation to our customers, we have further augmented our AI solutions and accelerators on watsonx. Our aim is to deliver superior efficiencies and experiences to our contact center customer base. Brijesh Singh SVP and Global Head of AI Wipro
Transformative outcomes

Based on a proof of concept (POC) that ran for 30 days, Wipro is able to offer the following benefits to its enterprise call center customers*:

  • Reduced wait times: Customers can experience shorter wait times, 30% on average, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

  • Improved operational efficiency: Automation of routine inquiries and call routing leads to cost savings and better utilization of call center resources. About 20%–40% of calls can be automated, reducing the need for human agent intervention.

  • Faster issue resolution: Issues are resolved more quickly, reducing the need for call transfers, and improving first-time resolution (FTR) rates. An approximate 25% reduction in call transfers can be achieved.

  • Enhanced agent performance: Agents receive real-time assistance, leading to improved customer service and cost savings for the organization. A 25% decrease in call handling times on average can be achieved.

  • Efficient complaint closure: Complaint closure letters are generated automatically, saving time and effort for human agents. The savings have been about five minutes of human time per complaint closure letter.

  • Streamlined post-call assessment: Chat summarization simplifies the post-call analysis process for managers, saving about five minutes of human time per call on average.

Overall, the implementation of watsonx.ai and related Wipro AI solutions helps optimize customer service, streamlines operations and enhances the overall customer experience while generating significant cost savings for Wipro customers.

* Numbers are projected and can vary case to case.

About Wipro

Wipro (link resides outside of ibm.com) is a well-established Indian multinational corporation that operates in the fields of information technology, consultancy and business process services. As a leading company in the technology industry, Wipro offers a diverse range of services, including cloud computing, computer security, digital transformation, AI, robotics, data analytics and various technology consulting services. With a global presence, Wipro serves clients in 167 countries, making it a significant player in the international tech and consulting landscape.


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