Business Challenge

LOTTE Confectionery wanted to understand rapidly changing customer preferences and stay one step ahead.


LOTTE Confectionery teamed up with IBM Services to implement an AI solution to spot changes in consumers behaviour and make better decisions based on data.

Business Benefits

Early detection

of consumer trends

New product development

based on consumer behaviour

Faster launch

of new products

Business challenge story

Changing customer preferences

As the customers’ preferences are changing rapidly, LOTTE Confectionery wanted to gain deeper insights into potential consumer needs regarding taste, ingredient and texture. LOTTE wanted to innovate the way the food industry works by leveraging AI technology and set up a trend forecasting solution to make better decisions based on data.

Our customers’ preferences are changing rapidly, we always want to stay one step ahead

Sungwoo Bae, Vice President, LOTTE Confectionery

Transformation Story

Bringing new products to market faster

Using IBM Watson Explorer, LOTTE Confectionery collected data from thousands of websites and millions of social posts, detected most popular flavours, and accelerated the introduction of new flavour combinations.  The solution utilizes machine learning and IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities to improve the accuracy of predictions through self-learning over time.

Results Story


Lotte Confectionery can now detect early trends in consumer behaviour and introduce new products faster to market to meet changing consumer taste.

Lotte logo

LOTTE Confectionery

Established in 1967, LOTTE Confectionery has grown to be No.1 confectionery brand in Korea. Headquartered in Seoul, LOTTE Confectionery has five large factories around the nation manufacturing over 200 types of products including chocolates, cookies, and ice cream. Led by a mission of enriching people’s lives by providing superior products and services, the company focuses on continuous development of new products while adopting diversified marketing strategies and advanced distribution methods.


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