Emergency response hasn’t really changed in 25 years, but with IBM’s help, Lightship is transforming the way that agencies around the globe are going to be able to respond to those situations.

Jaethan Reichel, CEO, Lightship

Business Challenge

Disaster management authorities now have access to more information than ever. More information is always better. However, for it to be useful, it must be put in the right context—as quickly as possible—to make better decisions.


The Lightship solution is a field operations platform that helps organizations navigate their data to find information to help them make better, safer decisions. Responding to a large-scale adverse event, from a forest fire to an industrial oil spill, takes teamwork—people fanning out to take stock of the situation and act fast. The Lightship platform, which runs on the IBM Cloud, captures unstructured data and stores it in a centralized repository. Based on rules set by the organization using it, the solution’s algorithms then automatically determine which information is most relevant for each specific user out in the field and delivers it in the form of a customized briefing on a mobile device.

Solution Component

  • IBM Cloud
  • Other