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Meeting the security challenge

For all its promise, the adoption of AI has been notably slower in regulated industries, IP-driven sectors and entities dealing with highly sensitive data, with data privacy and security being the main concerns.

Jamworks, a startup focused on note taking for the business and education sectors, sought to help these sectors accelerate their adoption of AI. The company needed a solution to provide confidential AI to enterprise customers who require additional security assurances around the sensitive information contained in business discussions.

Most important, Jamworks needed to demonstrate that meeting transcripts would remain confidential.

AI is driving a revolution. For enterprises dealing with sensitive information, it is vital to maintain state-of-the-art data security in order to reap the rewards. Stuart Winter Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at Lacero Platform Limited Jamworks and Guardian
Delivering confidential AI

To address its need, Jamworks adopted the IBM Cloud® Hyper Protect Services, which enabled the company to have complete authority over its sensitive data throughout the complete data lifecycle, workloads and encryption keys.

To help protect the confidentiality of data in transit and data at rest with technical assurance, Jamworks adopted IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services, which allows data to be encrypted with keys solely controlled by Jamworks for effective data protection as well as efficient and security-rich key management.

To help guard against the data security risks of unprotected data in use, Jamworks adopted the IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution. By using the solution, Jamworks gained the confidence that it could deploy AI in containers without the risk of unauthorized access to the sensitive data by making model runtime virtually tamper proof.

Security achieved

By adopting IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services, Jamworks was able to offer its AI service at cloud scale, while maintaining a security-rich environment for its customers’ data and AI models. This in turn has provided Jamworks with a substantial and sustainable advantage as it strives to ensure full confidentiality of its customers’ data and AI models.

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About Jamworks

Jamworks AI (link resides outside of is a powerful note taking and productivity tool that records, transcribes, summarizes and generates meaningful insights from meetings, conversations and lectures. Having worked with AI for around four years, the team is convinced that the technology has the power to transform the way we study and work, providing particular benefits to disabled and neurodivergent people, so long as the technology is implemented securely and responsibly.

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See for yourself, how data and models can be protected with technical assurance—from the admin itself, as well as external attackers.
Watch this demo of how Hyper Protect prevents an attacker from gaining access to confidential data by protecting data-in-use to with confidential computing.

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