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Happiest Minds has been at the forefront of enabling digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers. The company is committed to delivering seamless customer experiences, business efficiency and actionable insights for its customers.

To enable its customers to gain more value from its core business product, Happiest Minds wanted to adopt generative AI (gen AI) technology. It was critical for the company that its customers could find information quickly and accurately. It was equally critical that its customers could use that information to make faster decisions to propel their business growth opportunities and launch into markets.

As part of implementing gen AI based capability, the Digital Content Monetization (DCM) Platform, a Happiest Minds IP, required data mining from huge content repositories. The content is in various forms, and querying usually only results in paragraphs that match with the keywords searched for.

Pointed data responses every time

In consultation with IBM, Happiest Minds saw an opportunity to gain insights into its customers’ experience. IBM ran a proof of concept (POC) with Happiest Minds for two months and loaded its unstructured data into a Prompt Lab in the IBM®™ AI studio.

With on IBM Cloud®, Happiest Minds was able to get pointed data responses from the content repositories. Instead of searching with exact keywords, search was enabled for the solution. Once the pointed data was queried, the data was summarized and rephrased every time for the end user interacting through chat interfaces.

30% productivity increase
Augmented performance, better outcomes

The Happiest Minds DCM Platform having 50+ features in the catalog required searching through huge document repositories to generate insights. With, the data is curated faster for the dashboards and business charts. Key components of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) were used to identify relevant documents and passed through large language models (LLMs) to fine tune performance.

With the IBM solution in place, Happiest Minds now searches 50 reports and documents in natural language each month and has reduced the time required to create business charts by 15 hours per feature per month. The solution’s enhanced search capabilities have delivered a massive productivity increase of 30%.

Happiest Minds will next fine tune existing use cases and also look at new use cases with more user testing for both internal and beta scenarios. This will be followed by a production release based on the results.

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About Happiest Minds Technologies Limited

Happiest Minds (link resides outside of, a “Mindful IT Company,” offers digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experiences, business efficiency and actionable insights. The company achieves this by applying a spectrum of disruptive technologies, including AI, blockchain, cloud, digital process automation, IoT, robotics and drones, security, and virtual/augmented reality. Happiest Minds has been recognized for its excellence in corporate governance practices by Golden Peacock and ICSI. A Great Place to Work Certified company, Happiest Minds is headquartered in Bangalore, India with operations in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and the Middle East.

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