Today, Barclays is more responsive to customer needs. “Managing everything within the process management capabilities in IBM Business Automation Workflow solution allows us to do the right thing by our customers and be in control of how we’re delivering services to them. We’re doing things that we couldn’t do before on a very high volume and a high scale.

Mike Gamble, Director of Operations, Barclays

Business Challenge story

To improve and streamline the customer experience for more than 60 million customers, Mike Gamble, director of operations at Barclays, needed to transform the bank’s processes around customer journeys.


Barclays adopted a process automation solution to create an environment for multiple iterations and accelerate process rollout.


The bank rolls out new automated multichannel customer processes 88 percent faster, and it increased its customer satisfaction around automated, multichannel services from a negative Net Promoter Score (NPS) to an NPS of 70.

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