Our goal is to fully automate the entire work order process through machine learning, so that the system decides what needs to be done, at what time and by whom.

Sebastiaan de Sterke, Product Owner, Asset Management/Maximo & IBM Control Desk, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Business Challenge

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol moved nearly 70 million passengers and 1.8 million tons of cargo in 2017, making it the third-largest airport in Europe. Schiphol has long known that asset management is a huge part of this equation. The optimization of maintenance processes—the art and science of keeping assets up and running—represents one of Schiphol’s top strategic priorities along with its focus on an ongoing digital transformation initiative.


To improve the efficiency with which its specialized subcontractors address asset maintenance, Schiphol augmented its core IBM Maximo solution by implementing two new complementary software offerings. The first was the use of IBM Control Desk software for receiving and automatically prioritizing service incidents. The second was the adoption of a new mobile version of IBM Maximo software called Maximo Anywhere software.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson