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Why space management software is important

How your enterprise manages spaces in the emerging new normal is more important than ever. Whether you’re scrutinizing your facilities portfolio for cost reduction and rebalancing, planning a safe workplace strategy, elevating the employee experience, or just trying to make sense of massive data, your challenges have only become more complex. Space management software and solutions can deliver the tools needed to make the right space available to the right people at the right time.

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Know how much space is used

Unlock new levels of efficiency and optimization when you understand actual usage. Integrating CAD floorplans with IWMS data provides accurate spatial data, generating graphical reports on space utilization.

Elevate the experience

Users expect to access facilities seamlessly. Indoor maps, AI assistants and interactive tools enable your workforce to reserve space, request moves, locate colleagues and recreate the flexibility they gained working remotely.

Make better space decisions

Ensure you have the right mix of spaces for all occupants. With insights from IoT data, wifi and AI make informed decisions about consolidation or expansion. Use dynamic space planning to adapt floorplans quickly to changing needs.

IBM TRIRIGA The IBM® TRIRIGA® suite, with real-time occupancy monitoring, dynamic space planning, indoor mapping and an AI assistant, helps you make faster, more informed decisions about your spaces. Explore IBM TRIRIGA

Digitize your space

Digitally map your workplaces to build a foundational strategy. There’s a wealth of data in every floorplan that can be captured into space management software. Sync up this inventory with live data and CAD and BIM models, and you can react quickly to improve optimization.

Allocate and assign space

Create the right environment for your employees, and also meet rapidly changing workplace safety guidelines Occupancy monitoring and utilization insights help you forecast appropriately to deliver flexible workspaces.

Optimize your space

Improve your bottom line, by enabling a productive environment, increasing employee engagement, and streamlining overall space management.

Improving operational efficiency with space management

Teradyne needed to automate its space allocation reports for greater accuracy. IBM TRIRIGA helped the manufacturer achieve operational efficiency through better space management.

Workplace management during COVID

With 350,000 employees around the world to keep safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, IBM Global Real Estate (GRE) used TRIRIGA to help optimize space utilization and workplace services.

IBM TRIRIGA named an IWMS leader

In its first worldwide IWMS MarketScape, IDC calls out IBM strengths.

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