Smarter maintenance for smarter assets

Keeping assets at peak performance is a complex, never-ending process. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help by automating work orders and workflows, scheduling labor and managing materials. But as assets become smarter and more connected, maintenance management solutions must evolve from simply reacting to an event to more preventive and predictive actions.

To extend asset lifecycles, control costs and efficiently use limited resources, look for solutions that add automation, IoT data, analytics and AI into your maintenance strategies.


Deliver more sustainable maintenance operations

Reduce waste by extending the history and health of each asset, eliminating unplanned maintenance trips and making smarter maintenance decisions.

Create a safer employee workplace

Use predictive capabilities to anticipate problems, staff  appropriately  with the right skills, and reduce unnecessary maintenance

Understand and act on the health of assets

Spot anomalies, identify underperforming assets and predict future failure probability to avoid unplanned downtime and time replacement decisions.

Maintenance management solutions

Mobile EAM

Deliver the right asset operational data and step-by-step guidance to technicians when and where they need it with AI-powered assistance.

Asset lifecycle and workflow process management

Manage and maintain high-value assets by using AI and analytics to optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and cost.

Predictive maintenance

Improve asset reliability with advanced AI-powered remote monitoring, computer vision and condition-based maintenance based on asset health insights.

Field service management

Learn more about field service management

Related maintenance solutions

Asset performance management

Empower your operations, quality and maintenance teams with AI-driven APM solutions to drive operational resilience.

MRO inventory optimization

Optimize your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory by providing an accurate, detailed picture of performance.

Environmental intelligence

Leverage climate and weather data analytics to execute better condition-based maintenance, react quickly and safely, and improve sustainability initiatives.

Maintenance management solutions for industries

Energy and utilities

Hand holding mobile phone with graphic in background showing thermometer, light bulb and water spigot

Energy and utilities

Preventative, predictive and prescriptive actions help maintain equipment, optimize performance, increase operational efficiency and avoid downtime.

Oil and gas

Overhead view of an offshore oil platform

Oil and gas

Learn strategies this asset- and people-intensive industry uses to adapt to changing circumstances, maximizing operational efficiencies and controlling costs.


Worker inspecting motor on a machine tool


Discover how AI and machine learning helps operators visualize critical data while addressing asset maintenance and operations.

Travel and transportation

Train in train yard

Travel and transportation

Keep everyone and everything moving by improving the productivity of your transportation assets with a full suite of solutions.


Modern bridge spanning a body of water


AI-based real estate and facilities management solutions can help agencies in the midst of disruption.


What is a CMMS?

Learn about software that helps manage assets, schedule maintenance and track work orders.

What is computer vision?

Machine learning and neural networks teach computers to see defects before they affect operations.

What is preventive maintenance?

Regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent unexpected failures. 

IBM Business Operations asset maintenance blogs

Choose from a range of posts to about trends and solutions. 

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