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THINK – can we use technology to design a better future?

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We’re living at a time of unprecedented change – for business, for technology, for the planet. As we face up to an uncertain future, we’re being forced to tackle some of the most important questions humanity has ever had to consider – as innovators, as citizens and as consumers. It all comes down to this. Will we use technology to make that future better – or will we let it be our downfall?

These big questions are at the heart of this year’s IBM Think Summit, which I’m excited to say is coming to London in October. It’s shaping up to be an exhilarating day, with a jam-packed, multi-layered agenda designed to educate and intrigue.

IBM’s annual festival of innovation is known for bringing together the sharpest minds and the most cutting-edge technology in a way that not only allows our guests to drill into their own business challenges, but also opens their minds to new possibilities. This is a chance to experience first-hand how IBM’s enterprise-ready, multi-cloud solutions are transforming businesses and shaping the future.

Alongside up-to-the-minute tech talks, thought-provoking keynotes and topical debates, we’ll be encouraging guests to get stuck in and connect with one another as they navigate the art of the possible. Our thrilling line-up of showcase talks will cover everything from Girls who Change the World – a STEM-based campaign to put AI into the hands of young girls – to Project Debater, an experimental cloud-based AI platform for crowdsourcing decision support.

Running parallel to this, in a series of fast-paced think tanks, guests will be able to get their hands-on leading-edge technology in the company of experts and clients. And we’ll be inviting guests to take part in live debates, taking on some of those big practical and ethical questions about technology, business and the future.

Every Think Summit is different, and we’re putting sustainability right at the centre of this one. That’s because at IBM we believe that the application of intelligence, reason and science can improve business, society and the human condition.

Throughout the day we will hear about how IBM is applying smart technology to solve sustainability challenges. For example, the Blockchain-based IBM Food Trust actively supports ethically sourced food supply chains, the Plastic Bank is mobilising recycling entrepreneurs in Canada, and an IBM internship programme is helping Marwell Zoo to make recycling quick, easy and fun. As the event falls on World Food Day, many of the sessions will focus on ethical food sourcing and the reduction of waste in supply chains.

In between sessions there will be plenty of opportunities to take a break, chat and observe. We’re proud to be able to unveil a lounge area celebrating the brilliant and surprising ways in which IBM impacts day-to-day life as well as business – in many cases changing the course of history.

With so many great minds and exciting technologies under one roof, there’s really no better place to be on 16 October. Visit the website to explore the topics and talks in more detail, or register now to be part of what promises to be a remarkable day.

Chief Marketing Officer, IBM UK and Ireland

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