HR 3.0: Emerge smarter, engage the workforce

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In the past year, the global pandemic has flipped our world upside down. As people continue to struggle to cope with the crisis, one thing has grown to be more valuable than ever: the importance of building meaningful and trusted relationships with each other. As human beings, empathy and experiences with and for one another is what gives us purpose. And, as a manager and leader here at IBM, we have realized that the success of the business will always lie in the individuals that make up our organization. And we believe it’s more important than ever for businesses to think ahead and invest new ways to make the workforce feel engaged, heard, and valued. It’s time to move away from traditional HR tactics and reinvent form the inside out – HR 3.0, where we can enable the workforce today to transform into the workforce of the future.

The way we work is constantly evolving. This drives a constant need for our organizations to adapt and change, supporting new business, new transformations, and most importantly, new ways of working. Through skill reinvention and continuous learning, career development, and reducing administrative overhead, we can enable our talent to drive more innovation, creativity, and connectivity within the business. And as a result, businesses will not only transform into becoming an employer of choice, but also a service provider of choice for their customers. For insurers, this means focusing on implementing new ways of working for talent areas, such as learning and development, talent management and talent acquisition. The challenge of prioritizing people and their experiences and potential needs to be balanced with operational costs.

We can help insurers achieve this through our Dynamic HR Operating Model offering, where our clients can work with us to develop a roadmap to transform their HR business into an employee experience centric model. We work together to focus on building a better employee experience, by nurturing skill development, career progression, and injecting a sense of continuous reinvention as markets change–and simultaneously reducing operational costs. Through our engagement with our clients, we have proven to be able to triple the amount of learning for only half the costs.


Hear Marjolein van Eck, HR Leader IBM Benelux, on how to create meaningful human experiences in HR.

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IBM has assisted the Belgian bank insurer KBC. KBC’s customers want to be serviced in the most convenient, instant and frictionless way possible. KBC developed a strategy to move to more digitally enabled services. In order to execute this strategy, KBC would require a big change in the employee workforce number and skills. The biggest challenge was a mismatch between skills of today and skills of the future. IBM and KBC partnered to develop Digital Talent Platform, the future-proof solution for talent and skills, drive a culture of learning and innovation, bridge the gap between existing and future skills, and build a flexible internal mobility market.

Employees can take stock of their current digital, functional and personal skills and compare them with future needs. This also allows them, with the help of their line manager, to take the necessary steps and to follow relevant training in good time to hone their future-proof skills.

Discover more details about KBC’s experience, including how employees experience the platform and what the next steps are, by watching the IBM webinar “How KBC is addressing the skills challenge”.

People are the key to success. Organizations who lead, engage and enable their workforce with inspirational leadership increase resiliency. Enabling a diverse workforce and building trust and confidence among employees is a great starting point. IBM truly covers the full spectrum of engaging the workforce and we have applied our own techniques with demonstrable results in our own workforce of about 350,000 employees worldwide.


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