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Redefining Business and Security. Come see us at the Watson Amsterdam Summit on June 14

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Cognitive technology is transforming sectors, companies and professions – and it’s happening right now! On June 14, at the Watson Amsterdam Summit, we’ll be taking a very close look at what this means for security.

As a CISO you need to help facilitate innovation, right? You cannot watch and wait, while your competitors press ahead with their digitization projects.  But the amount of cyberthreats isn’t getting any less, and neither is their complexity. And I didn’t even yet mention the ever-stricter data regulations. So, where does that leave us, the security professionals?

At the Watson Amsterdam Summit, we have created a great agenda with inspiring speakers. We will talk about security in the age of digital transformation. What is the impact of this transformation on the business and how can we keep up with the needed security? We have a skills gap in security and we need to invest in people, technology and innovation to overcome this gap.

With Watson, cognitive capabilities come within the grasp of organizations of all sizes. What makes Watson unique is that it can derive knowledge from incredible amounts of data with lightning speed. This includes the 80% of unstructured data that we can’t use today, such as free text or image data.

Innovation and the role of Security is an important topic. Nowadays there seems to be an attitude towards security as something that just needs to be done in today’s world. But this is easier said than done with today’s security skills gap. How to overcome this obstacle? Rick Strijbos of the Security Academy will take a closer look and present a holistic view on the actual ingredients.

Last year our Zurich Lab joined us at our (then still) BusinessConnect event to talk about cognitive security. This year we are delighted to have our first actual Benelux customer on stage. Sogeti started putting Watson for Cybersecurity to work in their Luxembourg Security Operations Center at the end of 2016. Vincent Laurens, Vice President and Cybersecurity Practice Executive of Sogeti will share their first experiences from the Cognitive SOC. Vincent will talk about the journey of driving digital transformation by using innovative solutions like Cognitive technologies.

Has this wetted your appetite to see what Watson for Cybersecurity actually looks like and how it elevates a Security Operations Center to a Cognitive SOC? Johan Dieltjens will demo the capabilities of Watson for Cybersecurity in a SOC environment. The Cognitive power will support and enable analysts to detect threats and investigate incidents much faster than ever.

These topics and more will drive an innovative day and will get you inspired to Redefining your Business and look at security as an enabler for your business.

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Global Executive Security Advisor, IBM Security X-Force Command

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