Storage bill per TB

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Storage knows a variety of formats. We name block, objects, file, S3. Some are related to special servers that require special licenses. This can add up very fast.

IBM solves the assignment of data to store in a software layer; the data access layer. This resides above the hardware. The control layer sits on top. All of this is bundled in IBM Spectrum Storage Suite. And all of this is bundled in one license. It does not matter where the data goes to: on premises, in the (hybrid cloud); it does not matter to which machine the data will be written to, it is all part of the same license. This makes license control very easy. One pays per TB; that’s it.

“When using SoftLayer one pays for the ‘bare metal’, no extra license is needed.”

That is particularly convenient for organizations that use cloud bursting when the IT-system (automatically) partly moves to a cloud service provider when the on premises system lacks capacity. This also comes in very handy when the IT department uses the cloud (e.g. SoftLayer) to develop new applications. SoftLayer, by the way, guarantees that the data stay in The Netherlands. When using SoftLayer one pays for the ‘bare metal’, no extra license is needed.

Data Management

Developers can use Bluemix: IBM’s open standards based, (hybrid) cloud platform for building, running, and managing apps and services. They can even use the Watson-tools (for analytics) that are part of the platform. Without having to worry about where to stall the data and at what cost. That has been taken care of in one management console and one license for on premise or hybrid cloud data management.

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