Corporate data on mobile devices ‒ how do you stay in control?

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Snack supplier Van Geloven also produces mobile bites

Mobile devices – even companies can’t do without them anymore. But does all the corporate data on these data carriers have watertight security? Dutch snack producer Van Geloven has solved this with IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). And Van Geloven has shown that EMM doesn’t have to be complicated. Adding devices, updating apps, making content available, setting authorizations – the company has total control over its mobile devices.

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Van Geloven has secured all its employees’ mobile devices with IBM MaaS360, whether tablets or smartphones, irrespective of the operating system. This means the firm can provide its mobile workforce, including many interim staff, with the right apps and content. And all this without any external support. How does the snack producer tackle this? Raymond Coenen, IT Infrastructure Manager, offers us a glimpse behind the scenes in Van Geloven’s Mora production facility in Maastricht. Prefer a personal online demo to a trial? Request an online system walkthrough here.

Rolling out security policy centrally
“Which apps does an employee use, on which device, and is he or she authorized for this? These are the questions we can answer at Van Geloven with just a few clicks in the IBM MaaS360 management portal,” explains Coenen. “We can also roll out our security policy easily ourselves, for specific devices, groups of users or all devices.” For example, Van Geloven can require an employee to use a password, and can set the parameters it must meet. Or it can ensure that an external field-worker may only view, share or modify content through a secure WiFi connection in a specific location. View IBM MaaS360 videos here.

Expense Management
Van Geloven is in charge of everything, not just in security terms, but also for budgets. For instance, the company can set how much mobile data an employee can use, and that people can only use their data bundle on their company smartphones. Coenen: “If someone doesn’t abide by our security rules, then we can configure measures, like a notification to the user or manager, or automatically blocking data roaming.”

“We can also add new devices without external assistance. That’s simply a matter of creating a device in the portal. The user only has to download the IBM MaaS360 app,” says Coenen. In it, he or she will find the Content Library and App Store. Through the portal, Van Geloven can set which applications someone may use through their company profile. There’s no limit to the number of apps, the shared content and the linked devices which the snack manufacturer can add to IBM MaaS360. That means Van Geloven can have certainty for the future that it will always stay in control of its mobile devices. Try IBM MaaS360 for free. Download the free 30day trial here.

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