Mastering a Multi-Cloud World As a New Generation of Cloud Tools Emerge

Operating in a multicloud environment is a reality for most organizations today.  Whether it’s human resources recruiting candidates, manufacturing tracking shipments, or marketing enticing customers, business units are doing an end-run around their own IT departments to directly access services on the cloud. According to IDC, worldwide public cloud services grew 28.6% in 2017, with […]

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善用區塊鏈 追蹤珠寶供應流程

(文章於2018年8月23日在香港經濟日報刊登) 身為消費者,如何避免買到含化學毒物的食品、魚目混珠的冒牌皮包、盜竊轉手的贓物,或為內戰國提供軍事經費的鑽石?現代消費品供應鏈很複雜,單靠產品標籤和商戶品牌,難獲百分百保證。但未來數年,區塊鏈將帶來巨大變革。

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