2018 Nov

Planning Your Hybrid Multicloud Success with Open Source

Open source is now an enterprise reality. According to Forrester1, 90% of enterprises are already using two or more types of open source technologies; more than half are using five or more.

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Designed for Humans: Why Enterprises Are Embracing Enterprise Design Thinking

How do you give your offering the love of millions? For ages, enterprises have been searching for the right answer. Those who did are now respectable brands. Those who did not are exceptional business cases of what went wrong. But getting a consumer hit is no longer enough. To be successful, today’s enterprises need to […]

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Your Answer to Enterprise Open Source Software Support is Already Here

Open source is now becoming mainstream, with many enterprises seeing it as a necessary part of their infrastructure. The motivations are several. Besides lowering the cost of total ownership, open source can help to accelerate agile application development, drive IT infrastructure modernization, and become a foundation for digital transformation.

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