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Wij kijken uit naar onze “Candle light dinner” op Alcatraz. Wat doet u op 14 Februari?

Wel, wij hebben een suggestie voor u. Vervoeg ons op een business trip naar San Francisco (CA). Elk jaar organiseert IBM zijn ‘Flagship Technologie Conferentie’. Dit jaar vindt Think 2019 plaats van 12 tot 15 Februari. Dit event geeft ons, FlowFactor, de mogelijkheid om elk jaar inspiratie op te doen. Je vindt hier op één […]

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L’Oréal and IBM: An Industry 4.0 makeover

Personalized cosmetics faster to the customer Industrial processes are full of data and information. When all these bits and bytes are adequately collected and processed, they are used to optimize the production process. For example, by automatically adjusting the process . Or for making the right decisions at the right time. This also applies to […]

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Employing robots as the first step toward an optimal process

  Under the pressure of digital changes and new technological possibilities, business processes have to be set up differently on a large scale. No matter whether this involves integrating large core systems at a bank or a telecom company, or collecting and entering information that is spread across various systems, everything has to be done […]

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