Katleen Aems

Finance that can count on cognitive technology

Organizations face challenging times. Virtualization and technical innovation all play a role in increasing business risk and volatility. Needless to say, then, that the department of finance is in the eye of the storm. New competitors, changing business models and higher customer expectations put pressure on CFOs. If they really want to be up to […]

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Materialize your financial future

In what follows, we’ll take a look at how a company that is future-ready product- and service- wise, can ensure that its finance department is future-ready as well. A great example is Materialise, a company famed for its expertise in everything related to 3D printing. They recently collaborated with IBM to renew the entire handling […]

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Chemistry between IBM and Umicore for future-ready finances

With society moving at an ever-faster pace on an increasingly global scale, keeping track of the financial part of your company’s story is no walk in the park. Especially not for a multi-billion, multinational company like Umicore. However, with the right tools at the right place at the right moment, some of the obstacles that […]

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