Business platforms: the smarter way to manage disruptions in your industry

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Managing disruptions in your industry with business platforms

New technologies, platforms and ways of working are disrupting industry after industry, bringing both chaos and opportunities. While some enterprises manage to position themselves to make the most of these new market realities, others don’t fare as well. So, what can you do to prepare your enterprise for the disruptions coming your way?

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Disruptions in the mining industry

Within the mining industry, Shell research, conducted with 350 mining executives around the world, has shown that 80% of industrial enterprises have the same pain points. These include aggregating data to make actionable insights, working within siloed organizations, managing the energy transition, and deploying autonomous technology in a way that doesn’t impact the safety of employees.

While the mining industry is optimistic about the uptake of Industry 4.0 and its benefits, the industry is finding it difficult to convert this intention into action. Depleting ore reserves and declining ore grades in existing operations are causing companies to mine deeper to reach new deposits, which increases costs and is problematic as Industry 4.0 often requires high up-front investment. Plus, the industry is facing growing pressure to deliver in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Introducing Oren

The solution is to look at how new technologies can deliver long-term opportunities that solve the industries’ key pain points. One way to get started is with Oren, the first B2B digital marketplace platform to connect mining companies to the best digital and technology solutions for their industry.

Oren incorporates the collective expertise of both IBM and Shell to deliver field-proven solutions and pilot opportunities for pioneering technologies from both established enterprises and start-ups that are dedicated to increasing productivity, safety and profitability in the mining industry.

IBM and Shell: innovating the mining industry together

Shell is at the forefront of the energy industry, delivering oil and gas products worldwide. Their extensive industry knowledge gives them insights into the energy transition, as companies evolve their traditional businesses towards new revenue streams and new digital and more sustainable solutions.

IBM’s pioneering cloud, AI, data and analytics solutions delivers proven mining and industrial digital services. These skills and expertise were essential for collaborating with Shell to design, create and operate Oren, a digital marketplace platform.

Oren offers products and services that bridge technology transitions and industry pivots to empower customers to address both challenges and opportunities to firmly position themselves within the digital era.

The future of Oren

Oren has started as a digital marketplace which matches demand for digital mining solutions with products and services from IBM, Shell and third-party suppliers. Since its launch, it has expanded and will soon be able to leverage both customer and industry data, as well as offer over 100 curated solutions that address customer needs for operations, sustainability, safety and production.

Over time, Oren will evolve further into an open innovation platform with an ecosystem that enables buyers and sellers to co-create end-to-end intelligent workflows that interact and engage with customers.

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