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Developers involved in setting up a DevOps environment usually face a variety of challenges. An important phenomenon is that the development and testing environment must match the reality of the acceptance and production domain. In practice, this is not always the case. Applications that have been developed and tested with care ultimately do not seem to work in practice.

Moreover, the gap between development and reality is often bigger than previously estimated. The deviating frameworks, libraries and other parameters in the production environment are not included in the code, which means that it does not work because of such dependencies in the real world.


IBM Cloud Private is the ideal start for setting up a DevOps environment because the development and testing domain is completely in line with reality. In addition, other important elements for developers are fully integrated into this platform. Think of Docker (technology with which containers can be created; easy to port combinations of application and operating system), Kubernetes (management and orchestration of containerized applications) and HELM Charts (appstore for applications that can be deployed with a click). This DevOps environment supports multiple platforms like IBM Power, X86 and even zLinux on mainframe.

In particular, the mentioned integration, offering everything within one secure package, is an important distinctive feature of IBM Cloud Private. Thanks also to the availabili

ty of IBM WebSphere and Microservice Builder, a pipeline can be set up for developers to immediately get started. One that also provides some added freedom, compared with a company-wide pipeline. In addition teams have the direct availability of standard api’s, data sources, analytic capabilities, databases in the IBM Cloud.

This gives DevOps teams environment in which everything works as a whole and in coherence, managed and controlled from the same management layer as in the production environment. It will prevent them from a painful lack of connection between development and practice.

At Devoxx, the developer conference of the Benelux, IBM hosted a session about extreme devops using Kubernetes on IBM Cloud Private. Below you find a replay of the video.

Do you want to experience how IBM Cloud Private can support your DevOps team? Here you can find more details.

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