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Introducing a Fast, Simple Way to Transport Data to the IBM Cloud

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While cloud continues to transform industries and become the foundation for digital innovation, there is still a good majority of organizations that experience obstacles when moving data from their on-premises servers to the cloud.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to data migration, but transferring large data sets can typically take weeks or months, depending on a company’s access to high-speed bandwidth. Other data transport barriers can include high network costs, security concerns or a lack of resources, including migration tools, personnel or Internet connectivity.

IBM Mass Data Migration, large capacity, portable storage device.

To remove these barriers and make it radically simpler for clients to move to the IBM Cloud, today we are launching IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration, the most economical, large-capacity portable storage device in the market, offering more storage capacity per dollar than similar products. This new solution is designed to help companies accelerate the secure movement of data – from terabytes to petabytes – into the IBM Cloud.

Designed for durability and ruggedness, Mass Data Migration portable storage devices have a useable capacity of 120 TB and feature industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that data is well protected during transport and ingestion. Each device also uses RAID-6, a premiere standard in redundancy and protection to ensure data integrity. Using a simple process, customers copy their data to the device and ship it back to IBM, where the data is offloaded to IBM Cloud Object Storage for use across the IBM Cloud platform.

The entire process is designed for speed and ease. With Mass Data Migration, customers can migrate 120 TB of data in as little as seven days, with round-trip use of UPS Next Day Air included in the overall service.

Shipping data may seem like a retro idea, but for some organizations, Mass Data Migration is the fastest, simplest and most affordable way to move massive amounts of data into the cloud without disrupting daily operations.

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is an efficient option for any organization looking to transfer tens to hundreds of terabytes of data or more to the cloud. It can help companies free up on-premises storage, implement a backup and recovery plan, create an active archive or media repository, or take advantage of a range of services including database and analytics solutions offered in the IBM Cloud to extract deeper value from their data. Companies can also use the service as part of a data center de-commission strategy to ensure sensitive data is secured and deployed in the IBM Cloud during downsizing, expansion or relocation.

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is particularly appealing to companies who need to store, manage and access large video, audio and image files. Once they get their data into the IBM Cloud, they can leverage cognitive services like Watson Content Enrichment to gain intelligence from their unstructured data and make more informed business decisions about the content they create, acquire and deliver to users or viewers.

Additionally, the service meets a need for companies with little to no access to high-speed Internet, including those in remote areas, companies operating on ships, oil rigs or farms, or those that need to limit their Internet capacity for daily production instead of data transfer.

For many customers, Mass Data Migration is a convenient option to quickly take advantage of cloud computing with IBM. It provides a secure, reliable way to move large data sets into the cloud within days – as opposed to weeks or months with alternative transfer methods – saving companies an enormous amount of time and hassle.

With a usable data capacity of 120 TB, Mass Data Migration has 20 percent more storage capacity than similar solutions in the market so that companies can quickly and affordably move even more data to the cloud. For extremely large data transfer needs, multiple devices can be used all at once, or over time.

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is the solution that many of our clients have been waiting for. It is currently available in the U.S. for a low flat rate of $395 per device including UPS Next Day Air shipping, with regional and global expansion coming soon in the EU.

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Distinguished Engineer; Director, Cloud Infrastructure, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

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