The 8th IBM Corporate Service Corps assignment for Romania starts, focusing on the digital transformation of the education sector in Romania

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I feel very proud to announce the beginning of the 8th CSC assignment in Romania, this time addressing Education, as one of the key strategic societal pillars.

The IBM CSC Romania 8 Team is composed of 14 top IBM international experts from United States,  China, Egypt, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Poland, Brazil, Australia, with deep experience on Digital Transformation, Business Transformation, UX/UI, Design Thinking, Learning and Knowledge, AI Research, Marketing and Communications and will focus on developing strategies and leading practices around digital technologies that meet the curricular standards, on modernizing the educational practices, on improving digital platforms for the classrooms and on developing career guidance methodologies focused on the students and the skills needed in the AI Era.

During the one month IBM team of business and technology experts will work together with our Romanian organizations at their premises as a joint team and will make short and long term recommendationsin support of their key initiatives.

Key organizations in the education sector in Romania with nationwide digital education programs that will receive short and long term recommendations from the IBM team during one month are:

  • The Institute for Educational Sciences, an organization that aims to actively contribute to the innovation of education through expertise, training, studies and research and has the task of providing the scientific support necessary to new approaches in education for authentic, motivating, active and creative learning. Hence, the Institute supports various players: decision makers, schools and universities, teachers, parents, children, young people and adults engaged in lifelong learning. So far, the Institute has actively implemented national and international projects in the field of education and youth, has developed school and teacher training programs, and has carried out pilot projects in innovative areas of learning.                                                                       

“The Institute’s expertise is also strengthened by its strong relations with its European and  international partners. Partnership with distinguished IBM team members in this CSR program helps us strengthen the international dimension of our core business – supporting the reformation of the education system through quality research, development and training.” Petre Botnariuc, Deputy Director, Institute for Educational Science.”

  • Bucharest Center for Educational Resources and Assistance, a specialized integrated education institution, with the mission of developing and delivering specific educational services for children/students/youth, teachers, parents and community members, for providing everyone with access to a quality education and the support needed for this purpose, and in respect to the age and individual characteristics of each person.

The 8th IBM CSC Team and the organizations from Romania

  • Vodafone Romania Foundation, non-governmental organization heavily involved in disadvantaged communities throughout Romania. Through projects financed and implemented in partnership with powerful NGOs, the Vodafone Romania Foundation exploits mobile technology innovations to change for the better the lives of the patients, doctors and the persons with special needs, supports the education of children and young people, encourages volunteering and social engagement, helps the elderly and disadvantaged families. With strong education programs, the Foundation provides access to education to all children, regardless of their background, actively investing in the valuable young people of today, to help them become the leaders of tomorrow and drive change in the education system.
  • “Pro Art Development and Knowledge” Association, a non-profit organization, founded in 2009, was created out of a passion for eLearning technology, put at the service of education. In its 10 years of activity it has had interactions with educational institutions, public authorities, regulatory bodies and funding entities, thus contributing to the increase of the quality of the educational process in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The Teacher and The Student are at the core of the digital universe, and offers the learning management system where they can constantly interact, learn and evolve.

“ is the portal of eLearning platforms for 700 schools in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The portal provides training for digital tools, support content and access to all school platforms that have joined the digital mission. The Association aims to create the largest hub of interactive open educational resources and the place where educational projects have their own dissemination space.” Dorothea Nica, President of the “Pro Art Development and Knowledge” Association.

Throughout its 10 years, IBM Corporate Service Corps program has activated over 4,000 participants from 61 countries, deployed in 44 different countries, supported over 320 teams with more than 1,300 projects, making this pro bono problem solving program one of the world’s largest. Romania was amongst the first selected countries for benefiting of the global IBM Corporate Service Corps program, with deployed teams even from its launch in 2008, impacting communities through engaged employees and strategic partnerships with government, business and civic leaders, addressing high-priority issues.


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