Rebecca Hardy

Innovative retailers balance the best of digital and physical worlds

Written by Rebecca Hardy | February 3, 2020 | AI, Business transformation, Cloud...

In-person shopping in physical retail locations has dwindled in recent years, largely due to the convenient experience available through online shopping options. While many retailers have already incorporated online shopping into their strategies, there’s still the question of what to do with existing brick-and-mortar stores. Rather than replace physical shops altogether, innovative retailers are embracing more

Enterprise container platforms, Part IV: Embarking on your container journey

Written by Juergen Loeb | January 7, 2020 | Business transformation, Cloud, Open source

In this series so far, we’ve gone over how microservices and containers work together to save time and money in enterprise IT environments; how container platforms challenge IT leaders to rethink IT infrastructure composition and deliver resources to lines of business; and key elements to keep in mind when implementing a container platform. Now, are more

Network modernization is essential for digital transformation

Written by Rebecca Hardy | December 17, 2019 | Journey to cloud, Software-defined

Multicloud adoption has become a critical step in digital transformation. In a recent IDC survey, 90 percent of respondents said they planned to evolve their digital transformation strategies to encompass multicloud postures in 2019.* And IT is certainly feeling the pressure: In the same survey, 47 percent of IT teams voiced the business demand for more

Enterprise container platforms, Part III: Building applications with microservices in an evolving production environment

Written by Juergen Loeb | November 21, 2019 | Business transformation, Cloud, Open source

The use of containers as a deployment vehicle for applications is on the rise. In fact, IDC says that by 2022, the acceleration of legacy application modernization and net-new development in Europe will lead to 30 percent of production applications being cloud-native1 using microservices, containers and dynamic orchestration. This means that most containers will still more

IT leaders say governance is key to effective hybrid multicloud management

Written by Rebecca Hardy | October 31, 2019 | Cloud, Manage cloud

As cloud solutions for enterprise infrastructure quickly become the norm, cloud management practices must evolve to keep up. Managing hybrid multicloud environments calls for capabilities that offer visibility and governance over cloud resources. A recent study from IBM Market Development & Insights (MD&I) found that 89 percent of enterprises plan to increase or maintain their more

Enterprise container platforms, Part II: Risk, reward and rethinking IT for the next generation

Written by Juergen Loeb | October 29, 2019 | Application modernization, Manage cloud, Open source

The benefits of enterprise container platforms are ultimately a product of the business becoming faster with new, cloud-native applications and simplifying access to resources. But to make this happen, enterprise IT leaders must embrace agile, cloud-enabled technology that reflects business requirements for compliance, security and control. Risk and investment Let’s step out of IT for more

Q&A: Bestselling author Charlene Li leads the charge on digital transformation

Written by Rebecca Hardy | October 17, 2019 | Business transformation, Digital reinvention

Charlene Li is a New York Times bestselling author, a disruption guru and widely considered to be one of the most creative people in business. Her latest book, The Disruption Mindset, goes beyond innovation and focuses on developing clear strategies for disruptive growth. What is your business + technology vision? Charlene: Ultimately, I think technology more

The Smart List: Broadridge makes critical move to cloud without disruption to clients

Written by Rebecca Hardy | October 10, 2019 | Business transformation, Financial services, Journey to cloud

The Smart List features innovative stories of leading IBM Services clients and partners. View more client stories here. As a leading provider of investor communications and technology-driven solutions to banks, broker-dealers, asset and wealth managers and corporate issuers, Broadridge Financial Solutions is the backbone of financial markets. It owns 98 percent of the stock trading more

Enterprise container platforms, Part I: Why IT leaders are embracing the microservices revolution

Written by Juergen Loeb | October 1, 2019 | Application modernization, Open source

I used to think of container platform services as an evolution of existing virtualization products; just a new way to provide access to infrastructure resources. But the more time I spend with these technologies, the more I see them as catalysts, quickly revolutionizing the way we consume and deliver IT services. Now I believe that more