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Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in IBM Java Runtime and Golang Go affect IBM Spectrum Protect Server (CVE-2021-35578, CVE-2021-44716, CVE-2021-44717)

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The IBM Spectrum Protect Server might be affected by vulnerabilties in IBM® Runtime Environment Java™ and Golang Go such as denial of service and bypassing security restrictions. The Java vulnerability was disclosed as part of the IBM Java SDK updates in October 2021.

CVE(s): CVE-2021-35578 , CVE-2021-44716, CVE-2021-44717

Affected product(s) and affected version(s):

Affected Product(s) Version(s)
IBM Spectrum Protect Server (Java CVE) (Golang Go CVEs)

Refer to the following reference URLs for remediation and additional vulnerability details:  
Source Bulletin: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6562873
X-Force Database: https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/vulnerabilities/211654
X-Force Database: https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/vulnerabilities/216553
X-Force Database: https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/vulnerabilities/216563

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