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Help and tips for using the search feature of the IBM Security Bulletin website

The IBM security bulletin search feature scopes to product titles, product identifiers (PIDs), and CVE IDs within the bulletin data. You can combine search terms (whole or partial words or numbers) to create precise queries for what you need.

Quick tips

  • Check your spelling.
  • Enter fewer more search terms.
  • Enter a product name. For example: WebSphere Application Server
  • Enter a product identifiers (PIDs). For example: 5724J08
  • Enter the CVE ID. For example: CVE-2021-44228
  • Limited Logic OR searches are allowed for CVE ID by using delimiter ~ (tilde) or , (comma). For example: CVE-2020-9484~CVE-2020-9480
  • Enter a few sentences to describe what you want to search.
  • When returning results too large, further narrowing down by using the data filter along side of the data table.

Search terms

A search term is a sequence of letters or digits that occur in a product title or alternate name,, a product ID, or product names. You can enter one or more terms separated by spaces.

Search terms are not case-sensitive. You can enter WebSphere or websphere.

The search engine might return up to thousands results, ordered by product name. Please noticed that the result will likely only cover part of your searching keywords. You can change the sort order by selecting any column header at the top of the search results table. You can also filter your results by using the search results Filter field.