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In case you have not read the latest news , IBM is please to announced an integrated interface between IBM Bluemix  and Softlayer.
What does this mean for you, you may be asking?  At the moment it primarily means the following:
  1. You can now manage and order a selection of Softlayer services via the Bluemix console.  For our trial and pay as you go users, you will have a new Infrastructure tab available to you where you can select a number of offerings.Selecting one will then take you further allowing you to customize further to meet your requirements.
  2. You now have the options to combined your Bluemix and Softlayer invoices into one single invoice.
  3. You can now use a single ID to access your infrastructure and an platform assets.
With the combined power of Bluemix and Softlayer you have, at your fingertips the ability to create world class applications and the flexibility to choose the model and assets that best suit your needs.
Be sure to check out the link above that has a great example of how you can use IBM cloud and that demonstrates what the new interface looks like.
If you would like to understand more about this integrated offering works or would like to speak to us about the possibilities available on IBM Cloud then do not hesitate to contact me.  I am here to help.

Cloud Platform Services Advisor

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