Social media analysis and marketing

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If you use social media in a marketing environment, you will probably access the analytics that comes built in to each channel. But are you getting the full picture?

Ignore, Likes and Shares at your peril, but they may not reveal the whole story of how people are reacting to your brand, or a brand that you are promoting.

Social Media analysis has matured enough to allow an analysis of how people really respond (via comments and mentions) to a marketing event – e.g., the launch of a new product. In addition, new cognitive technology now allows marketers to aggregate and measure sentiment, cross-channel, from social media.

All this has happened in a relatively fast time (in human years, twitter is still in its infancy!). However, smart marketers have not been slow to seize on the benefits of this new kind of social media analysis in order to create more effective campaigns and other initiatives, targeting different cohorts.

To find out more about the impact and the implications of this development in social media marketing analysis, read this article. You may also want to sign up for the tool referenced in the article: register here to get 30 days’ free access to IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media.


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