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What the wise men of retail should analyse this Christmas

It’s coming up to Christmas and for anyone in the retail or the retail marketing business, it’s a great time to get customer insights – before, during and after the holiday season. To do this, retailers need to follow social media channels. However, ordinary social media analysis usually means wading through a range of individual analysis […]

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Social media analysis and marketing

If you use social media in a marketing environment, you will probably access the analytics that comes built in to each channel. But are you getting the full picture? Ignore, Likes and Shares at your peril, but they may not reveal the whole story of how people are reacting to your brand, or a brand […]

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Watson Analytic and Watson Analytic for Social Media

Get Real value out of Watson Analytics (WA) and Watson Analytic for Social Media (WASM). This week we are looking closer into both WA and WASM. Watson Analytics WA is data analysis in the cloud. Watson Analytics guides data discovery and predictive analytics with automatic visualizations and enables effortless dashboard creation. To see more about […]

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