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In our everyday lives, we face countless challenges which considered the scarcity of time, should not be wasted on IT related problems.

In today’s’ business landscape, organizations need reliable support. That is what IBM Technical Support Services can offer you.

At IBM we pride ourselves on putting the customer first and strive to deliver the best service and support. That is why our technicians and consultants are experts in their respective fields and continuously develop their competencies. That provides your organization with a certainty that we can resolve and always strive to stay on top of the newest issues.

Tackling issues up front is of utmost importance. That is why we call our support service Proactive Support.

One Point of Contact

Most organizations IT-environments consists of a combination of numerous platforms and systems. I know from first hand experience, the importance of reducing employee frustrations and on being confused on where to call to get support.

Our proactive support service only has one point of contact – and that is across all multiple vendors.

That way it does not matter if you are running IBM, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Suse, Ubuntu or Redhat – our proactive support can be your support.

Let your employees do what they do best; meanwhile we will make sure that your IT-environment is running smoothly.

I know that services are a matter of trust. That is why you will be assigned a technical specialist who will present a report with suggestions and adjustments during quarterly meetings.

IT-environments can also prove to be complicated to navigate through, that is why your assigned technical specialist will also be your sparring partner. You can use your contact to get advice and ask ‘how-to’ questions.

Why wait for things to go from bad to worse?

A proactive approach ensures that your IT environment is equipped for the challenges of the future. This prevention is the cornerstone of our service. It is my experience better to be prepared than first to react when it is too late. Better be safe than sorry!

Our service Proactive Support has many satisfied customers, primarily because our customers feel safe in our hands. No IT environments are too big or small for us.

Proactive Supportis a Service IBM Technical Support Services has been providing for many years under the name Enhanced Technical Support (ETS). I, therefore, feel completely confident in being able to provide this service and I know the technical staff has the skills to provide the best service. At the same time, IBM has a worldwide network and business partners that are always available which is only beneficial for you!

Why wait till it is too late to get Your IT Environment under control when you can secure your business with Proactive Support?

If you are interested to hear more or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at:

Director TSS Nordic

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