6 Predictions On Trends For Cybersecurity in 2019

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It being January predictions are a hot topic in general. With regards what sort of trends will occur in general in the Cybersecurity space see below 6 Predictions on this for 2019 from that represent the hopes (and fears) for the infosecworld for the coming year:

  • “Ransomware Will Taper Off But Still Cause Havoc”

Ransomware will be more of a focused, target attack. The number of users who encountered Ransomware in 2017 – 2018  period fell by 30% , compared to the 2016-2017 period. ( USA )

  • “Regulations & Public Sentiment On Privacy Will Drive Data Protection Policies”

It was predicted that in 2018 the E.U. would quickly punish a few companies in violation of GDPR regulations to make an example of them. This didn’t happen . However the threat of penalties over compromised personal information will still have a huge effect on security operations in 2019 despite this.

  • “Multi- Factor Authentication Will Become The Standard For All Online Transactions”

Though far from the perfect solution, online services will abandon password only access and offer additional requirements or optional authentication methods. Initially the different forms of multi-factor authentication will likely confuse users.

  • “Spear Phishing Will Become Even More Targeted”

An increasing trend with this, is where the hacker breaks in to an email system, lurks and leaves. Than using what they found while lurking they take advantage of relationships and trust build between people who regularly communicate with you on email.

  • “Nations Will Make An Effort To Establish Cyberwarfare Rules”

In the same way as physical warfare you have for instance “ The Geneva Convention” the thought is the same will happen with Inter-Nation Cyber warfare.

  • “More Organisations Will Require Master Degrees in Cybersecurity for their CSO’s & CISO’s”

Cybersecurity training will continue to mature, but Certificates alone will no longer be enough to take the next step in a security professional’s career.

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